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Out now:

Why Not

"Yes We Know" full length CD.



Out Soon!

Before there was Why Not! we had The Revolution. They put out one today very hard to find 7" vinyl single in 1967 before changing their name to Why Not! This new CD collects that hard to find single together with a few other obscure and collectable Why Not! tracks, onto one rockin' CD. Out on June 6th.


Bandpages for Springtoifel and The Gonads have been updated, and new pages added for The Illegal State Of Mind, Steel Wool, Earl's Family Bombers and Love And Respect.


Out Now!

Hard to believe, but yes, we actually do have a new release! Out now is the split sawblade single with Sid Vicous on one side, and Knox and The Pisstons on the other. Check it out here.


Bandpages for The Deviators, Autumn, Bell Jar and Idioblast have been added.


Bandpages for both The Meices and the House Of Large Sizes have been added.



We are very saddened to hear of the death of our friend Eric Hysteric a few days ago. Eric, together with his bands The Vomit Visions and later, Der Durstige Mann, was a huge influence on both the developement of Doc Wor Mirran and Thumper and of the founding of the various labels under MT Undertainment. He, more than anyone we knew, lived the punk rock ideal that everyone can be a star, play his own music without compromising himself, release his own records himself, and be totally independent. Although he never had a release on MT, he played guitar on various early DWM recordings after we moved to the Nuernberg area, and Thumper had the honour of opening for Der Durstige Mann once.


Finally! Bandpages for both Plaid Retina and the Zero Boys have been added. We will continue to try to finish the bandpages for the last releases still missing from our discography. Stay tuned.

We also recently updated all the previous bandpages and deleted obscure and no long valid links.


"Verde", two previously unreleased collaborative tracks by Conrad Schnitzler and Doc Wör Mirran are now out on our download label MT3.



With great sadness we report the death of two former members of SAD. Mike, singer of SAD on their eMpTy album "Behind The Fence", died on Monday, February second due to illness. Only eight days later, on Tuesday the tenth of February, bassist Hammi also died in an accident. As guitarist Andi died some time ago, that only leaves drummer Highner left of the classic lineup. Mike left behind one child, Hammi five.

The SAD recordings have now been made available for free downloand: http://sad-thrash.bandcamp.com/


It was a lot of work and delay, but DWM finally has a new MP3 released today on MT3, our label devoted to free MP3 downloads.



Our good friend Bill Bartell, also known as Pat Fear, guitarist and mastermind of the great band White Flag, died on September 24th due to complications from Diabetes. He was only 52. For the past few years, when his health allowed, Bill worked on what was planned to be one of his greatest releases, a split sawblade single of his project Tater Totz, together with the Beatles on the flip. With our friends over at Munster Records in Spain, we will still try to release this record, as a fitting epitaph to Bill, one of the biggest Beatles fans we ever met. It is just so very sad that he won't be here to see it.


DOA have split up, after 35 years and a dozen or so albums, many of them on MT. We wish Joe Keithley good luck in his political activities.



Another MT artists has died. Jennifer "Miro" Anderson, singer of the Nuns, died on December 16th, 2011 from cancer. She was 54.




It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Zoogz Rift on March 22, 2011, aged 57. His death was due to serious complications from diabetes which he had been battling for well over a decade. In the early 1990s Musical Tragedies released several albums by Zoogz, and he also guested on guitar on a few DWM tracks.



After several delays, bad sounding test pressings and a thousand missprinted covers, our latest sawblade single is finally out! Featuring previously unreleased and exclusive tracks by both England's mighty Gonads and Germany's premier Oi band Springtoifel, these are sure to go quick! On white vinyl to boot!

The next sawblade planned is also taking shape. Number 32 will feature The Beatles together with the Tater Totz, and should be out later this year.

The Shiny Gnomes will begin recording their next studio album soon.

Jay Reatard died on January 13th.


25 years!

Today MT turns a quarter of a century old! Some have noticed that we haven't been releasing much lately. There is no specific reason for this other than we have been concentrating on other things, mostly our own musical projects with DWM and the Pisstons. Also, the sorry state of the music industry means we have to be very careful about what we release. MT is lucky in that we do not have any label debts, but to keep it this way we have to be extremely selective on what we release. The music business is changing, and it seems the days of the typical label releasing bands are coming to an end. Artists and bands have many more choices now in terms of how they will present their work, and to be honest, most artists simply don't need labels anymore. This isn't a bad thing. As musical artists ourselves, we welcome these changes, as it presents us with so many new possibilities in how we present our own works. MT is simply reflecting these changes, and although different than it was 25 years ago, MT is well set and ready for the next 25!

In 2010, look for a few new sawblade releases, one of them in January already. Also, DWM is set to launch its own internet site seperate from the empty site. Check it out soon at www.dwmirran.de. The Penetraitors have changed their name to The Pisstons, and also have been working on their new site www.pisstons.de as well as new recordings. We will be changing the empty site as well, updating many of the band pages and making the navigation easier. Keep checking back.

The MT staff wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to the next 25 years!


The White Flag album "Wild Kingdom" is now out and combines, for the first time ever on CD, all the 1986 tracks recorded for the �Zero Hour� album, the original 1987 �Wild Kingdom� album, as well as extra tracks that later found their way on the �Sgt. Pepper� and �Freedom Fighter� releases.

Coming soon on Empty Records:


Coming soon on Musical Tragedies:


Our updated history page is now online


First and most important, we are happy to report that Empty Records US has closed its doors and stopped operations, bringing to a final close one of the most difficult and unpleasant episodes in the history of MT. As many of you undoubtedly remember, MT Undertainment, founders of eMpTy Records, began legal proceedings against our former Seatle office roughly ten years ago in an attempt to stop them from using our name against our wishes. The case ended in a compromise, resulting in two companies using the name. Rest assured, Empty is not "calling it a day" as Blake puts it, but is alive and well where it has always been, here in Germany, putting out the best punk rock records you could ever want! We look forward to the next quarter century of making great music available under the name "Empty".

Be sure to check out White Flag on tour:

The second death in the Springtoifel family in only a few months! Their former drummer Bilka died of undisclosed causes recently. He was their drummer from 1986 until 1988, and played on their classic album "Laessige Hunde", which was rereleased by MT recently.

The new Phillip BOA/Speedway 69 sawblade release is out! Following on its tails will be a Bowie tribute sawblade by none other than Der 'N Rat (Derwood of Generation X and Rat Scabies of the Damned) with the flipside by southern Germany's mighty Penetraitors. Der 'N Rat cover Bowie's "Lady Grinning Soul" in an accoustic version, where the Penetraitors perform a blistering rendition of "Suffragette City".

Several have noticed and wrote to mention that the MT site was down for a few weeks. Sorry, it was some sort of technical problem caused by Freenet.


Dim, Springtoifel guitarist from 1989 until 2001, has died unexpectedly of a heart attack! He was only thirty years old.

Hard to believe, but yes, it is true: DWM will be playing its third ever live concert, on October 12th, 2007 at the Blue Shell in Koeln, Germany. This will be a benefit concert for the John Peel Foundation, and features several other artists as well. Longtime DWM member Adrian Gormley will be flying in from San Francisco just for this concert. He will be playing the saxophone, and will be joinged by Ralf Lexis on guitar and Joseph B. Raimond on bass. Backing tapes by various DWM members supplied over the years will be used as background noise. We hope to see you there.


Our main release for this year will be out soon, the new studio album of all new, original songs by Springtoifel, called "Engelstrompeten und Teufelsposaunen", which will be available on both CD and vinyl.

Also, be sure to check out our new pages devoted to Skin Yard, Gruntruck and Jack Endino!