This three song 7" vinyl single, titled "Ian" due to the cover being drawn by Sean's cousin Ian, was the first Steel Wool release, and was the first to feature a high quality, hand printed cover, and set the stage for their fun punk with a healthy dose of garage sound. Limited version on yellow vinyl, the rest on black vinyl.

"Somewhere between CCR and Flipper, there is STEEL WOOL!"

Steelwool has been called "the bastard brother of Mudhoney" and "the fathers of grange" (not grunge). No matter what they are tagged they rock with their heads held high and push onward in their quest to rock. Their first 7" on Empty Records put them on the radio charts and into the hearts of at least a few folks. Simple Men is all about life as Steelwool sees it, loud, fast and with a little Hank Williams mixed into the punk rock. Live these four boys of Steelwool impress even the hardest of asses as they all stand well above 6 feet and their combined weight is well over 950 pounds!! Believe me, stages never look the same when they are done rocking the house. And they deliver good solid grange rock too.


After two US tours, a lot of sweat and one year later Steel Wool went to prove they can out do their last recording. Their third and last release before they disbanded. They still have their patented noisy guitar and feedback garage/country punk rock goodness, if that's even close to describing them, that was "Simple Men Who Like Working With Their Hands", but boy have they added to it! The guitars burst out of this recording like live power lines whipping around in a hurricane and the power of the drums could have J. Bonham behind 'em. CD contains a bonus track. LP features a handprinted cover, some on dark brown paper, the rest on tan paper.

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Some dare call them the Bastard brother of Mudhoney, but all call them the kings of Squatch rock. For those of you not from the great Northwest, that's Sasquatch rock to you. No, there isn't a Bigfoot on the cover of Steel Wool's debut full length "Simple Men Who Like Working With Their Hands". It is a buffalo. Why a buffalo you ask? Well the answer is in the power rock these four boys are peddling. LP pressed in the USA, CDs in both Germany and the USA. Each format features one exclusive bonus song not on the other format.