Unfortunately now split up, Skin Yard is of course one of the classic Seattle area bands and one of the first to gain serious recognition. With a nucleus of Ben McMillan doing vocals, Jack Endino on guitar and Daniel House on bass, all three have since gone on to do other projects that have become even bigger than Skin Yard. Jack Endino in now one of the most sought after producers working in the indie field today. Daniel House is now the owner of C/Z records and Ben McMillan has found considerable success as the singer for Gruntruck. Other Skin Yard releases available from C/Z, Cruz and Toxic Shock.


Another co-release with Toxic Shock, this is actually their second album, the first having been on C/Z and the later albums on Cruz. This release is also available on vinyl as a Toxic Shock release, with a slightly different cover. Musically it is exactly what you would expect from a Skin Yard release, a powerful guitar sound long before the Seattle grunge sound became a trend.

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