Jack Endino is probably the best know music producer to ever come out of the Grunge scene in Seattle. Long associated with Seattle label Sub Pop and the grunge movement, Endino worked on seminal albums from bands such as Mudhoney and Soundgarden, but is probably best known for producing the first Nirvana album, Bleach, released in 1989. More recently he has produced albums for artists such as Hot Hot Heat, Therapy? The Black Halos, and Zeke. He also played guitar in Skin Yard, which has released several albums, as well as having released three solo albums under his own name.


The first solo recording of the now famous producer, this is a co-release of MT and Bobok (a part of Toxic Shock). Also available as a vinyl LP from Toxic Shock only. This is more experimental in nature than both Skin Yard and his second solo release, available on Cruz. This release is available as both a USA and as a German pressing, although there are many differences between the two. Labels on both versions are of different design, but both are printed in purple and black. Front cover on German version was botched by the pressing plant and only printed in black, while the USA version is the correct purple and black.

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