The Penetraitors are a four piece street-punk band based in the Nürnberg/Erlangen area of Germany. They went through a few minor line-up changes in the beginning, but now have settled upon a strong lineup featuring the old farts Kübel on vocals (ex-Brassknuckles), and Joe on guitar and bass (Something To Burn, Doc Wör Mirran), along with young-uns Jojo on bass, guitar and vocals and Indy on drums (both ex-The Chopped) . A very democratic band, each member contributes lyrics and music, making this band very diverse in their approach to street/Oi punk. A few fun and well picked cover songs make their live shows legendary.

This two song 7" is another entry in our "MT Lite" series of cheapo, one sided vinyl releases featuring photocopied covers, all in an effort to put out records by new bands that are so cheap that anyone can afford them. Here we have the Penetraitors with two Chuck Berry songs that put these great songs into a whole new perspective. Seriously, have you ever expected to hear an Oi! Oi! chorus on "Roll Over Beethoven"? They also do a killer version of a lesser known Berry track "30 Days".

The debut release, this killer four song 7" vinyl only release is a worthy addition to the time honoured tradition of 7" vinyl punk rock EPs. Recorded in the fall of 2004, these four original songs represent the best of two years of songwriting and practicing. Side one starts off with "Scum", followed by "Run For Your Life". Side two features "Get Off The Air" and "Nothing About Me". Includes poster insert, featuring complete lyrics and photos.

Number 30 in the series of saw-blade shaped records by Musical Tragedies sees none other than Germany's premier streetpunk band the Penetraitors team up with the old-school legends Rat Scabies (The Damned) and Derwood (Generation X) for this split David Bowie tribute single. The Penetraitors offer a blistering version of Bowie's classic Suffragette City, while Der "N Rat offer up Lady Grinning Soul. Both songs are new recordings, exclusive to this release! Red vinyl and a tasteful, full color cover round out this fun release.

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After two successful singles, extremely good reviews, several great shows, and the louder and louder cries of fans for a real full length release, the Penetraitors have finally entered the realm of the full length digital recording. Comprising remastered versions of the songs from their two singles, plus several new songs, this, the first length studio album by the Penetraitors, is what fans and the punk press have been waiting for for years. Twelve blistering, melodic sing-along street-punk blasts, crystal clearly produced and in a smart digipack cover complete with a nice thick booklet full of photos and lyrics. LP version available from KB Records, which contains a different bonus track than on our CD version. Also, a DVD containing many live versions as well as videos from some of the studio tracks was released by Sunny Bastards.