Along with contemporaries The Sex Pistols, the Clash and Sham 69, among others, The Damned belong to the very first wave of English punk. With dozens of albums and singles to their credit, and almost as many line-ups, they have gone through many styles and phases in their twenty-something years of existence. Besides pioneering the punk movement in the mid to late seventies, they also in the 80’s were one of the early “gothic” bands. Besides singer Dave Vanian, other original members Captain Sensible and Rat Scabies have each come and gone from the band a few times. But the Damned continue to exist, and still tour regularly. Check out the various Captain Sensible releases on eMpTy, as well as our Damned tribute album, “Another Damned Seattle Compilation”, featuring many of Seattle’s top independent bands, like Gruntruck, Mudhoney, Skin Yard, The Accused, among many others.


Their first MT release, this is a mature studio album by an immensely talented band that has been around long enough to have solidified their style and sound. A bit of gothic, a dab of punk, hard guitars, all the ingredients that make up a great Damned album are all here. 12 new songs, this CD also includes a CD- Rom track with a video. Features new members Kris Dollimore (formerly of the Godfathers) on Guitar and Moose (formerly of New Model Army) on bass. Special guests include Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols and the original Damned guitarist, Brian James! The front cover features a unique prisma-effect of a sperm-squirting demon in the design.

The next three releases represent what many refer to as the Damned’s “Molton Lager trilogy”. Taken from the Damned’s concert in Mulhouse, France, on June 23rd, 1994, this was the last show of their European tour to promote their new studio album “I’m Alright Jack & The Beanstalk”, released on Musical Tragedies. Much too long for a single CD, we thought it would be fun to release the concert on various formats. The line-up is the same as on the studio album, with the augmentation of Alan Lee Shaw on rhythm guitar. Great sound quality (many Damned fans say these are the best sounding live records ever from the Damned!) and great packaging make these a requirement for any Damned fan. All three records also licensed and released by Sudden Death Records in Canada, DOA’s label
The first release of the Molton Lager recording, this 7” vinyl single features two tracks. “Disco Man” is also included on the Molton Lager CD, whereas the b-side “Pretty Vacant” (yes, the Sex Pistols’ song) is only available on this release, and features drummer Rat Scabies on guitar. Features a beautiful full color cover, and is pressed on yellow and blue splattered vinyl as a limited edition of 500 copies.
Part two in the live series, this 10” vinyl only release contains most of the songs from the encore, new live versions of many of their classic early punk tracks (which is why it is on eMpTy!). Features “Smash It Up”, “Looking At You”, “Wait For The Blackout”, “New Rose”, “Noise Noise Noise” and “I Feel Alright”. Pressed on marbled clear & white vinyl.
The third and final part of the live Damned trilogy, this full length CD contains the complete “I’m Alright Jack And The Beanstalk” album played live, as well as several Damned punk classics, including “Neat Neat Neat”, “Love Song” and “Disco Man”. Comprehensive liner notes from Henrik of Neat Damned Noise included. .


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