Captain Sensible

Captain Sensible needs no introduction. Along with The Damned, where he continues to play guitar and bass to this day, he is one of the originators of what we now call “Punk Rock”. The Damned released their first record even before the Sex Pistols did. Whereas Dave Vanian was the dark, gothic influenced member of the band, Captain Sensible was the nutty one that wore the colorful clothing and pogoed around on the stage with his weird antics. His many solo records (on various labels) followed in that vein, each more weirder and wacky than the last. Of course, he ended up with a European hit back a few years ago in his hugely popular song “WOT”. Constantly on tour, don’t miss him if he is in your area soon. Meanwhile, check out these great MT releases from the Captain and go pogo your brains out!


Pop-punk at its best, as only the captain himself can deliver. Twelve tracks in all (the twelfth of which is a bonus track of “WOT”, a live version available only on our release), this is just one ear-worm after another, all done in the weirdo-nutty lyrical style that the Captain is known for. But it is not all just pop, as the punk side of the Captain shows through on tracks that still deliver their fair amount of guitar noise, perfect for your next pogo party. Standout tracks include the first “While Wrecking The Car” and “The Stately Homes Of England”. A limited edition of 300 copies were made that included fake cow-fur covers!
The A-side is from the new Mad Cows CD, the B-side is exclusive for this release, a live version of the huge Sensible hit “Happy Talk”. Great color cover together with rose colored, marbled vinyl makes this a collectable release for every Captain fan!.

This record is part twenty-one in our series of saw-blade shaped singles. The Captain offers his non-LP track “Cigarette Sandy” on the A side, with The Real People and "Waiting For The World" on the flipside. The Real People also have a great album on eMpTy to their credit. The Brit-Pop saw-blade! Wonderful cover art by Klaus Cornfield. Original British postage stamp integrated into the label design! Yellow vinyl, limited edition of 500.

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