The Real People

The Real People, out of Liverpool, England, are one of the very first bands to play what is today known as “Brit Pop”, and have been quoted by Oasis as being one of their major influences. Indeed, The Real People as a band have been around a lot longer than most people realize. Having toured England with Ocean Colour Scene, they have a strong fan base in England and are loved by the English music press. They are also a powerhouse live band, featuring the talents of brothers Chris and Tony Griffiths on guitar and bass respectively, they also both sing. The band is rounded out by Alan Gillibrand on second guitar and Garry Ford on drums.


The second Real People release on MT finds them on a split single in our famous line of saw-blade shaped vinyl singles. The Real People offer their non-LP track “Waiting For The World”, on the flip we find the Captain’s “Cigarette Sandy”. The Brit-Pop saw-blade! Wonderful cover art by Klaus Cornfield. Original British postage stamp integrated into the label design! Yellow vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

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Their debut MT release. Full of catchy melodies, harmonies and pop sensibilities, this is a fantastic power- pop record. Featuring such stand-out tracks as “Can’t Breath”, “ The People in the Telly”, “Going Nowhere” and “Rolling Stone”, the songs on this record can’t help being compared to another famous band from Liverpool. The only question is, what do they have with british stamps?