Generation X are one of those legendary bands that one still reads about, almost twenty years after they split up! They were one of the original London punk bands, influencing a whole generation of music fans, not only punks but also what was to later be known as “New Wave”. They recorded two legendary LPs back then, the first titled simply “Generation X” and the second “Valley Of The Dolls”, which was produced by Ian Hunter of Mott The Hoople. They recorded a third album but it was never released. Instead, the band split up. Billy Idol of course went on to fame and fortune in the mainstream music world. The other members have been active in various other more underground projects.

Side one is a track off their "Live At Sheffield" album for all you vinyl purists out there. Side two contains an amazing, never before heard cover song of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid". They never played this live, it was just part of their sound check warm up. Luckily, an attentive mixer recorded not only their show, but the soundcheck as well. Features a deluxe, open up cover that when folded together forms a large "X".

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Long promised, here is finally THE live album by Generation X. Recorded live in Sheffield, this full length CD contains 14 energized tracks brought to you by the original Generation X lineup of Bob "Derwood" Andrews on guitar, Billy Idol on vocals, Mark Laff drums and Tony James on bass. Features such classics as "Kiss Me Deadly", "Shaking All Over", "100 Punks" and "Day By Day", as well as a suprise mystery track that you won't believe! Liner notes by Derwood himself, booklet with lots of previously unpublished photos.
Their third album, recorded in 1979 and unreleased until now. Eleven tracks, this full length release features the standout tracks “Modern Boys”, “Anna Smiles” as well as the original version of the hit “Dancing With Myself”. This is the record that the fans have been waiting for for almost twenty years, featuring the original line-up of Billy Idol on vocals, Bob “Derwood” Andrews on guitar, Tony James on bass and Mark Laff on drums. Liner notes by Lord Pathetic. LP version licensed and released by our buddies over at Munster Records in spain.