Celebrating 30 years of dubious shenanigans, Germany's longest running Oi! band Springtoifel offer here a double CD of 46 tracks spanning the best tracks from all their numerous albums, most of which were released on eMpTy, either originally or as re-releases. Co-released with Puke Music in Berlin, this album also closes the chapter on Olaf, Springtoifel's singer, who saddly left the band after this release.
Springtoifel is Germany’s longest running Oi! band, who will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary in December, 2001. To celebrate such an important event, MT will be releasing a very special, brand new Springtoifel album: Lieder Aus 2001er Nacht. No expense has been spared (we’re not kidding, Ouch!) to make this the coolest, most elaborate, best sounding Springtoifel album yet. Double discs in both formats, many of the songs were picked by Springtoifel fans themselves, who over the last year or so have had a chance to cast their votes for their most favorite song of the band. The ten most favorite tracks have now been re-recorded by the band, and are a part of this double set. Also included are new studio tracks, as well as some live tracks built into a story that takes place between the songs. All this in perfect, powerfully produced sound quality. But there is more! The CD version contains several live MPEGs where you can see the band performing live. The vinyl version is pressed one record on black vinyl, one record on white vinyl. Also, the vinyl version includes a cardboard pop-up that you can cut out and glue into your full color, gatefold cover!

The Springtoifel are Germany’s longest lasting, hardest working and best loved Oi band, coming out of Mainz. Their first album came out all the way back in 1985 on New Age Records (today known as We Bite). Soon after they signed with Metal Enterprises/Bellaphone, and then were for many years at Walzwerk Records, releasing many classic records on that label as well. They are known for extensive and elaborate packaging, and spare no cost in giving their many fans quality for their money. Comprising Paul on bass and vocals, Ole on guitar and vocals, Olaf on organ and vocals, Wastl on drums and Dimm on second guitar and vocals.


Their debut eMpTy release, this one is a concept mini-album of sorts, fulfilling a long held promise by the band to do a record about the perils of being in the German army. Containing 6 new tracks and five hymns, this is the perfect record for all you ex-military people out there. The vinyl LP is something special, with a full color cover, a full color insert, as well as a full color picture disc. The vinyl is limited to 1000, so don’t hesitate to pick one up before they are gone forever!
Their second eMpTy release, this one was recorded and released especially for the 1998 soccer world championship. A beautiful picture disc that looks like a soccer ball, and a full color fold out cover that on the inside shows a schedule of, well, how the games SHOULD have turned out if you know what I mean. Also exists as a normal, non-eMpTy 7” without fold out cover, released by the band in an edition of 300. Ours is limited to 1000.
The first real full length release in years from Springtoifel, Germany’s longest running Oi! band, this is destined to become a classic album with such hits as “Aufs Maul”, “Treppenhaus” and the title track. Also features “Halligallidrecksauparty”, a favorite live track for years and featured here for the first time in studio version. The LP is a limited edition of 1000 copies, 500 pressed on black and white marbled vinyl and another 500 on plain black.
For those of you (and there are a lot of you!) that missed out the first time around and ten years after it first came out, this is a re-release of one of the all-time classic Springtoifel albums, "Satansiche Takte". With original cover art, but this time with a full color booklet. Including some of their all time Springtoifel classics, like "Skinhead Girl", "Lustige Stiefel" and the bombastic title track.

Hot on the heels of their Ettalprednik album, here we have Springtoifel celebrating Mainz's 05 football club advance into Germany's first football league. As you can probably guess, as huge fans of Mainz 05 they are more than thrilled, and have not let the opportunity slip by to show this by releasing this four track, vinyl only EP. Four punk rockin' tracks that many have said is their best record in years!

Four new songs, two on the Christmas side and two on the New Years side, plus the usual between song Springtoifel nonsense, to get you into that special holiday Oi! feeling! Half the record is pressed on red vinyl, the other half on white! Limited as a 10" to the holiday time, so get it while you can.
Busy as always, Springtoifel's new album for 2004 is a punk collection of traditional German children's songs, played in the Oi punk style that is unmistakebly Springtoifel. Highlights include "Backe Backe Kuchen", "Der Kontrabass" and "Das Maennlein", among many more. Including between song surprises, a total of 26 tracks in all! The perfect record for all you first generation Oi punkers with kids.

After their 1999 album "Weck Worst & Oi", the first album of all new, original material from Springtoifel in eight years. That is a long time to wait. The the wait has been well worth it, as this is a killer album in the best Springtoifel tradition, crystal clear recorded and performed as only Springtoifel can. Features a hilarious cover that makes a lot of fun of Hyronimus Bosch that has to be seen to be believed!

Seems like every time that Springtoifel get asked to record a song for a tribute sampler, the idea blossoms into a real Springtoifel release. This trend started with the Motortoifel single where they recorded two Motorhead tracks, and continues now with CashToifel. Here we have Mainz's great Springtoifel covering the legendary Johnny Cash. Think that a German Oi band covering a great American country star is a bit miss-matched, well then think again! On this two-song vinyl only single, Springtoifel cover the cash tracks "Cafe Gitterblick" and "25 Minutes To Go" in unmistakable Springtoifel quality.


Behind Motörtoifel is none other than Germany's longest running Oi band, Springtoifel, who on this record cover two Motörhead classics “Bomber” and “Ace Of Spades”, but with new, German lyrics. For those of you that think that Springtoifel is just another German Ska band, this record will forever prove otherwise, as here they even give Motörhead a run for their money when it comes down to speed, distortion and sheer power.
Originally released in 1986 on We Bite, this was Springtoifel´s second studio album. Featuring their all-time hits "Bierdosentwist" and the title track "Lässige Hunde", the re-release of this album on MT is something Springtoifel´s many fans have been waiting for for years. Originally formed in 1981, Springtoifel have become Germany´s longest running and most loved Oi bands, with their unique blend of ska, punk, and even styles like traditional German folk music and even Tango. Features a deluxe, full color cover, with many new photos.













































It took awhile, but it we finally got our buddies Springtoifel on a sawblade, and it was worth the wait. Pressed on white vinyl, the flip features none other than England's mighty Gonads. Number 31 in the ongoing series, both tracks are exlusive to this release. 500 copies.

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