Zoogz Rift

One of the early Musical Tragedies signings, Zoogz Rift "The Liquid Moamo", (along with his band, "The Amazing Shitheads") joined the MT family of artists after releasing several classic albums on SST. Not punk, not industrial, nothing that can easily be catagorized, yet containing elements of many musical styles, Zoogz is often lumped into the post-Zappa void. His music covers the spectrum of accesibilty, from the subtle "In The Ultimate Scheme Of Things", to the overweight and gross "Can You Smell My Genitals From Where You Are Standing?". Fact is, Zoogz is a guitarist of amazing ability and an artist of extremely high musical standards. His friend John Trubee has played on many of his albums, as has Joe Newman of the Rudy Schwartz Project.


Recorded live on his 1990 European tour, this LP goes back to the grosser side of Zoogz, with such classics as "Art Band" (more like a fart band!), "Meet Me At Stinky's" and "Puke Island Paradise", as well as another installment in the saga of the Secret Marines. Sound quality is top noch, as one would only expect from Zoogz, and the shitheads are in fine form here, featuring Willie Lapin on bass, Tom Brown on drums, and Jonathan Mako Sharkey on Keyboards.

His first album after leaving SST, and like his many previous albums, this record contains a little bit of everything, including a hilarious spoof on the Traveling Wilbury's "You Can Count On Us" (does this have anything to do with the fact that the Traveling Wilbury's declined Zoogz' application to replace Roy Orbison, who had died earlier that year?), as well as a cool instrumental version of "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother". Features Willie Lapin, Tom Brown, Jonathan mako Sharkey, Roch Bordenave and Marc Mylar as the world renowned "Shitheads"!

Zoogz' 1992 studio album is also his first CD release on MT. Recorded on Halloween, it is a bit more "serious" and less "gross" than most of his albums, but still has some fine tracks: "Asphyxiated", "Time To Think", and the great "In The Ulitmate Scheme Of Things". Twelve tracks in all. The Shitheads this time feature Richie Häss, Joe Newman (Rudy Schwartz Project), Tom Brown and Willie Lapin.

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A re-issue of sorts of Zoogz' 1984 studio album, also later released as a normal, black vinyl LP by SST. As usual, runs the whole spectrum of musical styles, as one has come to know, love, and even expect on a Zoogz Rift album. The Shitheads this time feature Richie Häss, Marc Mylar, M.B. Gordy, Jonathan Mako Sharkey and Danny Buchanan. As an MT release, limited, numbered edition of forty copies.