John Trubee

& The Ugly Janitors Of America

John Trubee, man, myth, legend. Already known around the world for his crank calls, his sick sense of humor, his miserable job in the hardware store, his fluid guitar playing, and his band, the Ugly Janitors Of America. He has been an important figure in the independent scene for many years now, which started off with the unexpected radio hit "A Blind Man's Penis", (which we were lucky enough to be able to re- release!) one of most requested songs on Dr. Dementos famous radio show out of Los Angeles. He has also toured and recorded extensively with Zoogz Rift, and has released three other full length albums on three different labels, the first two of which appeared on Enigma and Restless. He has since moved and has been layed off from his famous job at the hardware store, but he is still as angry as ever, out to change the world, and ready and willing to cram his music down your throat, whether you want it or not!


As an appetizer for the forthcoming albums by both Zappa and Trubee we offer this little piece of blue plastic, a split release by both artists. The trademarked Zappa weirdness is already in full bloom on the A-side track, originally released under the pseudonym “Bob Guy”. Trubee offers us a rough mix of one of his newest compositions on the flip. Limited edition of 500 on blue viny, second pressing of 150 on red vinyl with a red and black cover.

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His first release on MT, and more commercially oriented than most had expected, this is nevertheless a classic LP, full of the musicianship that he has since become known for. An early tragedies release, this features some of the finest songwriting John has ever come up with, with tracks like "Babylon (Throw Your Children To The Fire), "Now I Step Over Your World", as well as the beautiful "When My Ship Rolls In", an anthem for every person who never quite gives up hope. Full color cover that is sooo cool, it is worth the price of the LP in itself.
This is it, the song that made JT famous, re-released with two unreleased tracks on this 7". The story goes as follows: in the back of certain music magazines, one can to this day find little advertisements from companies supposedly looking for songwriters, and asking for readers to send in their poetry. Of course John knew this to be a scam, so he wrote what he thought would be the most outlandish, horrible and gross poem he could come up, and sent it in. Sure enough, a few weeks later he gets a letter back from them claiming that his work shows promise, and for a $40 fee, they would put his words to music. He right away sent in the money, and what he got was this, "A Blind Man's Penis" (He originally titled it "Stevie Wonder's Penis", but they changed it). Originally this song was released on Enigma, and another pressing later come out on Mykel Board's "The Only Label In The World" label. Cool cover art is by John himself, and is a good example of the work he did while being bored at work in the hardware store. 500 pressed.
Musically similar to the Strange Hippie LP, full of tight musicianship, haunting melodies, and the wonderful voice of Mark Langton. More songs about allientation, fucked up jobs, and not getting laid enough. Nice thick booklet with song lyrics.