What does one say about an artist like Frank Zappa that has not already been said a thousand times before? Instead of the usual bio, lets just say that Zappa was a huge influence on not only many of the artists that have been released on Musical Tragedies (and the other MT labels), but also on the very people that founded and run the label.


A collection of various singles that Frank recorded under a variety of names before he settled in with The Mothers, this 15 song full length CD features many tracks never before available on CD. Licensed from Del-fi Records in Hollywood, our version contains one bonus track not on the US version. Musically the tracks already display his love for both musique concrete, full of tape splicing and strange found sounds, and 1950's style rock and roll, not unlike his “Cruising With Rubin And The Jets” album. Some tracks feature Ray Collins, future vocalist of the Mothers.


As an appetizer for the forthcoming albums by both Zappa and Trubee we offer this little piece of blue plastic, a split release by both artists. The trademarked Zappa weirdness is already in full bloom on the A-side track, originally released under the pseudonym “Bob Guy”. Trubee offers us a rough mix of one of his newest compositions on the flip. Limited edition of 500 on blue viny, second pressing of 150 on red vinyl with a red and black cover.
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