Somewhere between 1960s California psychedelia and 1980s Seattle grunge we find the Illegal State Of Mind. Mastermined by guitarist "Albi" Albrecht, who many considered Nuernberg's answer to Jimi Hendrix, this Nuernberg area band put the Frankonian music scene into like no other band since. This of course didn't go unnoticed in the music business, and it didn't take long for a major label to come knocking. And, like the chicken shit kind of companies they are, the particular major label that ended up signing the Illegals balked at their controversial band name. And while you are changing your name, boys, we also would like you to sing in German to make it easier to get airlplay and to sell your music on the German market. And so it was that the Illegal State Of Mind began singing in German and changed their name to Die Juenger, before recording a new album. But while waiting in vain for Sony to release his next record, Albi finally succumbed to the cancer he had been battling for a few years. Sony by the way never did release the album by Die Juenger, however a few promo copies of the album in a simple sleeve cover do exist.


This one is a promo only, one song, one sided single we did to promote the "Nothing's Really Important" album, one of several such singles we did with several of our artists in the early 90s. Doesn't have a cover. Only 300 pressed. Collectable. Cult. Cool.

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After a live 12" on September Gurls Records, The Illegal State Of Mind produced "Nothing's Really Important", their first album, which has become a classic of the Nuernberg area music scene, and highlighted their psychedelic grunge. Featuring the Illegal classics "Coming Down", "Nightmare Kicks" and "Position Your Mind".