MT Undertainment aquired a substantial yet limited amount of the following unauthorized records, all released with our old eMpTy logo without our permission and in fact, against our wishes. This was all documented for awhile on a special page of our homepage, which we have decided now to delete and more or less try to forget. However unpleasant the events surrounding their release may have been, the bands themselves are certainly not to blame, and in fact, many of these releases are certainly worthy of carrying the old eMpTy logo, and it is in this spirit that we offer these records here as quasi-official MT releases, complete with improved covers and, of course, carrying a "real" MT catalog number!


A three song single, the Murder City Devils produce both short and fast punk blasts and slower, punk-dirges, with the unique (at least in a punk band!) touch of an organ in some songs (Derek, their organ player, has since this single left the band and now works at Record Finder in San Francisco, one of the coolest record shops in "the City"). Originally from Detroit, today the Murder City Devils are based in Seattle and their newer releases are available on Sub Pop.

Snotty vocals, lots of punk attitude and a healthy dose of pop sensibility define this Albuquerque, New Mexico band. Two albums and some singles on 702 Records, before their brief stint as a Bootleg artist, they have since moved on to Hopeless Record's Subcity sub-label. They tour relentlessly, both in Europe and in their homeland.

The A4 magazine is basically the entire "EMPTYUSA" part of our homepage in print form, offering not only all the various articles on aspects of the whole Raimond/Schück vs. Wright case, but also all the evidence, like old advertisements, letters and reproductions of court documents. The 29 song CD features many of the Bootleg bands listed here (Scared Of Chaka, Sicko, Satan's Pilgrims, The X-Rays, and the Motards), as well as previously unreleased and rare recordings by former eMpTy bands (Steel Wool, Gas Huffer, Crackerbash, The Meanies, The Derelicts, Sinister Six, The Putters, The Fumes and Zipgun). For those of you who don't want to buy the CD, the magazine is available for free from MT Undertainment.

With one official eMpTy album under their belts and lots of other releases on other labels, most notably Estrus, Satan's Pilgrims crank out a Bootleg album full of their patented instrumental surf. Talk about retro!

Gnarrly, this Helldorado three song single with female vocals and just a hint of rockabilly and surf added to their sort-of punk mix. The band includes some ex-Hormones members.

After one official eMpTy release, this next X-Rays album in the Bootleg series continues where they left off, with fast, distorted punk. A new guitarist added for this record, one would think that they came from Austin instead of England.

Again a three song Bootleg single, this release offers more of their pop-punk sensibilities designed to hold you over between albums.

With a sound not unlike classic early 1980s American punk, this 7" EP includes four punk blasts featuring Tim Storm, formerly of The Gargoyles. Fast punk with snotty vocals as seems to be the standard these days for bands out of Austin.























































Another band that has one official eMpTy album and one unofficial album, The Motards are back with $aturday Night Special Ed. 13 new studio songs recorded and produced by Tim Kerr at the Sweatbox, highlighting their usual brand of beer-soaked punk mayhem. Unfortunately, the band split up soon after recording this album.

This is the last album Sicko ever recorded before splitting up, and it is unfortunate that it would end up getting involved in the events that led to this series. Still, this, their fourth full length album, is a perfect pop-punk album of 17 new studio songs as only Sicko is capable of. Also licensed as a CD to Crackle Records in England and Pizza Of Death in Japan.

It is unfortunate that a band of the calibre of Dead Moon doesn't choose their labels more carefully and has to be represented here with a Bootleg release. Still, we want to concentrate on the music here, and in this respect Dead Moon are not to be criticized. This is a 20 song live album compiled by the band of recordings gathered from all over Europe and the United States over the last few years, and features their usual brand of ultra simple, stripped down rock that their fans so love. The double LP version includes a beautiful full color gatefold cover, the first for a band that has literally dozens of releases and which has made the black and white cover a sort of trademark.

This CD-Rom release features a 1996 tour documentary of the band with photos, some live footage, interviews and even a Fred Cole timeline beginning in 1965. Packaged as double CD including the normal live CD (MT-409) as a bonus.

A two-song taster of what to expect on their first full length, both of these tracks are not on the album.

Boy, talk about ironic record titles! Seriously though, Jr. High is the first band of Sean Croghan four years after the breakup of Crackerbash. Lacking the sonic noise aspect of his former band, in Jr. High Sean lets his songwriting abilities come to the forefront. Obviously, Sean is growing up, and these 12 songs reflect not only his more mature musical tastes but also a bit more experience in life in general.

Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, these guys have been jamming their four chord punk for four years (one chord per year?). They mix all kinds of punk styles into their hardcore mix, and this 22 song full length album is the perfect place to start if you like innovative American punk. Still, check out their many other releases (on all formats, even cassettes).







































Another in the Bootleg series with an ironic title! Their last release before moving on to Hopeless/Subcity Records. Eight songs on this mini-album, all in the Scared Of Chaka sound that has won them so much critical acclaim.

A surprising release in the Bootleg series considering the musical intolerance of the source of this series. The Dickel Brothers explore the tradition of American rural musical history from the 1920s and '30s. This means American folk (not country!) and bluegrass, not unlike The Cheap Suit Serenaders. Their third release after a single and a split 7" on other labels.

Continuing in the bluegrass style defined on their singles, this is the first full length by this Portland Oregon folk combo. Could be that this was the music of the first punk scene in America! Songs about allientation, society fucking you over and hating your dead-end job, this would fit right into MRRs lame review policy if they didn't hear it first! Definately one of the highlights of this series. Comes with a nice thick booklet of lyrics.

Picking up where their three song single left off, this ex-Austin (who isn't from Austin these days?), now Seattle band gives you more of their punk rock with heavy rockabilly flavour. Available only as 12" vinyl LP.

Room 41, from Yokohama, Japan, are a new band offering extremely simple, distorted punk rock that is not like anything you would normally find coming out of the United States. Only two songs, leaving you easily wanting more!

A four song EP, none of which are on their later full length. The Fireballs Of Freedom hail from, of all places, Missoula, Montana (people actually live there?). You can tell that they are a bit, um, "isolated", as these four songs sound much more "Motor City" than if they were inspired by anything newer.
































Essentially signed to Estrus Records, this single, their second MT release and the first in this series, offers two dips into the low-fi rock brew that has gotten them so popular in the garage scene. The Drags are supposed to be one of the best live bands around.

Two of the world's most prominent pop-punk bands join together on this split 7". Originally released in 1993 on the now-defunct Top Drawer Records, this record has been sold out since 1994.

Eleven more motor-city tunes mixed with a healthy dose of AC/DC by this Missoula Montana rock combo that prove that Montana's culture is not only defined by their lumberjacks and rednecks. This is their debut long player, and after this release they moved on to Estrus Records.

Here we go! The Catheters play young, aggressive, angst-ridden hardcore as only misguided young high-school punks seem capable of. From Seattle, this EP features three fast blasts.

















Almost pure pop with the one or two distorted guitars to appease the punk or two looking for the reincarnation of Sicko. Yep, this band features none other than Ean of Sicko, and one certainly sees the melodic pop transition from one band to the next, with lots of personal songs written by Ean about things like his hometown, record reviews, snowcones and even riding a scooter. Features Dave Fox of the Posies on bass and Mike Musburger of the Fastbacks and also the Posies on drums.

Extremely simple and aggressive garage-punk from the young and stupid Jay Reatard. Recorded onto four track cassette, lets all hope that Jay never gets it into his mind that he should go and record a record in a professional studio. Hard to believe that something this aggressive and punk comes out of Memphis, Tennessee.

Two songs each by San Francisco's Loudmouths and Seattle's Valentine Killers on this split 7". The Loudmouths offer their simple leather-clad, s&m sleaze thrash that they have demonstrated so well on two full length releases and numerous singles. The Valentine Killers, who also have one LP and a few singles under their belts, give you their version of Seattle punk rock as they see it.





















Their 12th full length album and the first batch of new songs in over 2 years, this is the Dead Moon that is so loved by their worldwide fan-base. Mono recordings, black and white cover, stripped down, bare, no frills rock, it is all here. Eleven songs as only Dead Moon could deliver.

Containing many of their early, long out of print, singles, including the official "Anxiety" single on eMpTy (MT-309), plus their debut release on Resin, as well as other singles from such labels as Rat City and One Louder. Several hard to get tracks from various complilations round out this long, 23 song Drags release, their longest record to date, full of their brand of low-fi, power-trio garage punk.

A sixteen track full-length of un-produced garage punk from Memphis, TN Jay Reatard and his band, the Reatards. This is actually their second album, their first being on Goner Records.

Not a lot different that their debut Bootleg single, this high-school aged-hardcore band has mixed in a healthy dose of 1970s hardrock to their punk sound, to produce this ten song full length. Yup, them kids know how to rock.

The second full length release by this Portland, Oregon, um, "Punk Band", with ten more knee-slapping, whiskey inspired blue-grass tunes. This is true American folk music, filled with mandolins, fiddles, banjos and yes, even guitars! Probably the only band around that can play a punk show one day and a retirement home the next!

This CD-only live album by the boys from Tucson features live versions of some of their "Flu Shot" tracks, some new tracks and some cover songs, complete with between song nonsense. Obviously drunk and probably stoned, this release shows how vital a good live album can be for a good live band.

The Pinkos play what one could consider "political acoustic punk", a mixture of the speed and political orientation of punk with acoustic instruments and the tradition of the political folk song. They consist of vocalist/guitarist Vanessa (from the band Bell) and drummer/vocalist Steve (also in the Gits) and offer here a three song single with two acoustic songs and one punk blast. SATAN, SATAN, SATAN!

The last of the series, The Blow Up let the series go out with a loud bang, as this three song single is one of the loudest and grungiest (not like Seattle grunge, but grunge as in the earlier, noisey artsy variety like Wire or Flipper) records of the series. It is anchored in hardcore though, and we expect one will be hearing a lot more from these guys soon.

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