It's punk! It's fast! It's melodic! It's Sicko! Although most of their songs clock in at an average of two minutes, you won't find three chord thrash here. They even find time to tell a story or two with a melody that leaves you singing along. Sicko has been called "the feel good band of the 90's" (the Rocket) and we think that's true. They sing about daily life and problems without bogging you down. Ean is a counselor for troubled adults so he knows how to handle people! Formed in Spokane, in eastern Washington State, out of the ashes of the Pullman Allstars, their constant lineup consisted of Ean on guitar, Denny on bass and Josh on drums. The full sound this power trio delivered may be attributed to the backing vocals and harmmonies from Ean and Denny. Just because their songs are fast doesn't mean they don't really sing or play their instruments. Each song has it's own personality and we know you'll be singing along. They even do a cover of the Indigo Girls 80's hit "Closer To Fine", (for all you cultural crossovers out there) that we think is even better than the original. Live, they've played with the likes of Gas Huffer, The Mr. T. Experience, Girl Trouble, Fastbacks, Supersuckers, and Jawbreaker. Besides their eMpTy releases, they also have a sort of "best of" CD released on Ean's own label, Top Drawer Records, released after Sicko split up in the late 1990s. Since then, Ean has continued on with a new band, Tales From The Birdbath.


Their second full length, this thirteen track album continues where the debut album left off, with the now patented Sicko pop-punk sound. Recorded by the Fastback's Kurt Bloch. LP version licensed and released by our buddies over at Munster Records in spain.

What could be cooler than the debut Sicko full length? Eightteen tracks of Sicko's sickest pop punk, you can just feel the love eminating from this release. And don't let the cover fool you, they do draw better than it leads you to believe! Pressed as a CD in both the USA and Germany, the vinyl pressed only in the USA.

Not their first record, but their debut eMpTy release, and a fine taster of great things to come. A four song EP, 1500 pressed. Usually refered to as their "Count Me Out" EP.
This is a re-issue of the classic split 7" featuring The Mr. T Experience and Sicko. Originally released in 1993 (and out of print since 1994) on the now-defunct Top Drawer Records. MTX plays a version of "Together Tonight" while Sicko plays "80 Dollars."

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Their longest release yet with an amazing 16 songs, this album came out a matter of months after the "Laugh While You Can, Monkey Boy". Wow, talk about prolofic! And guess what, this is yet another full length album of pop-punk classics as only Sicko can do. And why stop when you got a good thing going, so this one is again recorded by Kurt Bloch. LP version licensed and released by our buddies over at Munster Records in spain.

This is the last album Sicko ever recorded before splitting up, and it is unfortunate that a band of this calibre, one of our favorite bands our former US office in Seattle ever released, would end up getting involved in the events that led to our bootleg series. Still, this, their fourth full length album, is a perfect pop-punk album of 17 new studio songs as only Sicko was capable of. Also licensed as a CD to Crackle Records in England and Pizza Of Death in Japan.