House of Large Sizes is an alternative rock band from Cedar Falls, Iowa, in the United States. The band's lineup is primarily Dave Deibler and Barb Schlif, and featured a number of drummers throughout their history. Deibler and Schilf are married and are the two consistent members of this power trio. Schlif plays bass and sings; Deibler plays guitar and is lead vocalist, as well as the band's primary songwriter. House of Large Sizes released its first recordings in 1987, and officially disbanded on December 20, 2003, although they later reformed and have continued to record and tour. House of Large Sizes, often abbreviated HOLS, plays a unique style of rock with a driving beat, lots of rhythmic changes, unexpected rests and false endings. Although the group's music was unusual, it draws on common influences--punk rock, funk and heavy metal.

This mini CD features five driving hard indie rock songs, including the title track which is a reference to the famous American novelty folk song from 1947 by Lonzo and Oscar, which has puzzled music fans for decades. Comes in a full color cardboard sleeve, co-released with Westworld.

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House Of Large Sizes help define the classic power trio on this set of 22 power rock songs. Co released with Toxic Shock, two full length previously released vinyl albums are featured on this single CD.