Before there was Why Not! we had The Revolution. Forming in 1966, they put out one today very hard to find 7" vinyl single in 1967 before changing their name first to New Life and then to Why Not! This CD collects that hard to find single together with a few other obscure and collectable Why Not! tracks into one rockin' CD. Limited edition.

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Led by the legendary Geoff „Mad Dog" Horgan, WHY NOT are celebrating almost 50 years of rock and roll! Starting out in 1966 in England, they were there in the beginning, with their art of Psychedelic Rock. They have released a lot of albums and singles since then, on so many different labels and no two WHY NOT albums are the same. WHY NOT is a Happening, it comes down in the studio as it happens thatīs all and most of the instruments are all first takes, so thatīs how most WHY NOT albums come about, they just Happen!

















No two Why Not albums are the same, and this release is no exception, with Mad Dog sticking to his patented blistering guitar this time around, and featuring guest vocals by Paul Bridgewater and Michael Deichert. Stand-out tracks include the title track as well as the powerful blues-rock "Bottle Of Wine". A promotion only release, this six song mini CD comes in a nice digi-pak, and is a taster of things to come.....

The first Why Not album on Manifest, this full length album find Geoff "Mad Dog" Horgan doing so well what he has been doing for almost a half century already: turning out song after song of blistering rock! Standout tracks include "Down To The Ground", "Rock Me In the Night" as well as the experimental instrumental "Slamma Jam A Bim Bam". Featuring a full color digi-pack cover, including thick booklet and even a Why Not dollar bill!
The second Why Not CD on Manifest finds Why Not a one-man band, with the Mad Dog handling all the instruments, programming and vocals on these ten songs. Stand-out tracks include the instrumental "Dichotomic", as well as the bluesy title track. Great cover printed on a nice digi-pack round out this great album length CD.