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For a complete list of all titles availabe as free downloads, check out our page MT3 Releases.

All MT3 releases are available only as MP3 downloads, and are absolutely free. For more information on how to download the releases, as well as more information about this label, check out our page MT3, how and why.



Two previously unreleased collaborative tracks by Conrad Schnitzler and Doc Wör Mirran are now out. Download "Verde", as always absolutely free, below.


It was a lot of work and delay, but DWM finally has a new MT3 MP3released today. A three song EP of sorts, "The Death Of Theodor T. ThrongoMob features some of the last tracks ever recorded with Russ Spiegel.


A very long time since the last update. One reason is that we have been hard at work at a re-vamped DWM homepage, including info on each and every release, which was a very time consuming project. But it is about finished, and part of it is a direct link to this, our MT3 page, especially as all MT3 releases are from DWM or related artists.

Coming soon will be the first DWM release on MT3 in many years. It will consist of three or four tracks recorded by the current "live band" of DWM which has been practicing and recording for some time now. No title as yet, but look for it sometime in the first half of this year.


Right on the heels of Ralf's "Graue Zeit" we have the second Lexis release on MT3, the three English tracks that make up the vitual EP "Shadow".

Don't know why, but we are having trouble with one of the Le Volksbüro tracks not working. We hope to have it fixed soon.


Yeah, it took ages to get the next release out, but it's finally here. Check out "Graue Zeit" the newest release by Ralf Lexis.

Also, we have put the older releases together on our MT3 Releases page.


Starting on September 13th, 2003, a new law goes into effect in Germany, granting the big record labels considerably more power in prosecuting and controling illegal MP3 downloads from the internet. In Germany, anyone who buys a CD has the legal right to copy that CD for private purposes, so long as he does not sell the copy. If he sells the original CD, he is not allowed to own the copy. Fine. The problem is, many of the major label CDs are now pressed with copy protection and can no longer be copied, a clear violation of the buyers rights. Many of these buyers then used the internet to copy CDs they already owned, which was not illegal. Well, starting on September 13th, this will become illegal. Seems like the major labels, in their frenzy to try to become profitable again, don't give a damn about consumer rights, but that is nothing new, is it? Maybe when the last illegal MP3 download is finally prosecuted they will finally realize that illegal MP3s in the internet were never their problem in the first place, but simply the incredibly low standard of quality of their "product". The simple fact is that 99.99999% of major label releases are pure garbage, worthless shit, and maybe the average consumer has begun to realize this.

Enough ranting for now. Just so you know: ALL FREE MT3 DOWNLOADS FROM THIS PAGE ARE LEGAL. Download as many as you want, don't let these new laws scare you. All rights to our MT3 releases are owned by MT and our artists, and we specifically offer them for free.


Hard to believe it has been two years since we updated this page! But the wait was worth it, since we finally have a new release, our long promised Doc Wör Mirran project "Slowest". And other projects will see the light of day shortly, so stay tuned.


A few people have mentioned that there is a glitch in the DWM with Paul Lemos track "Bloodweeds". We have re-mastered the song in MP3 format, so hopefully the problem is solved. If not, please do not hesitate to let us know.


A few months after our big introduction, we find a new MT3 release, this time in the form of one of the early MT bands, Le Volksbüro. Three new songs from this Fürth based recording project.


Welcome to our page devoted to our newest MT sub-label, MT3! Naturally, with Doc Wör Mirran the "in-house" band of MT Undertainment, it is only fitting that the first MT3 release is a DWM release. This is only the very beginning though of MT Undertainment's permanent commitment to this medium, as we plan to develop this label into one of our main areas of interest, with new titles coming out on a regular basis, and an established back-catalog. For our next MT3 releases, stay tuned for new titles by both Conrad Schnitzler and Ralf Lexis .



Artist: Conrad Schnitzler & Doc Wör Mirran

Title: Verde

Catalog #: The Lucky Seventh Download (MT-585)

Release Date: June 15th, 2015

Two more tracks from the fruitful collaborative efforts by these two artists, featuring Conrad Schnitzler, Joseph B. Raimond and Adrian Gormley.

Download Music:

1. Verde 1

2. Verde 2

Download Cover:



Artist: Doc Wör Mirran

Title: The Death Of Theodor T. ThrongoMob

Catalog #: The Sixth Asshole Download (MT-580)

Release Date: September 5th, 2014

This EP release represents a purging of the vaults so to speak, to finally get out and forget the last unreleased tracks featuring Russ Spiegel before he disappeared into jazz obscurity. Also features Joseph B. Raimond, Bernard Worrick, .mario., Denise Kusiak, Adrian Gormley, Peter Schuster, Ski-King, Joolie Wood and Jeandra Raimond. Cover art is one of the earliest paintings by Joseph B. Raimond.

Download Music:

1. Broken Keys

2. Wider Than Her Rage

3. Wörry

Download Cover:



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