This release documents the second collaboration between Conrad Schnitzler and Jörg Thomasius (the first, “Tolling Toggle” came out on Fünfundfierzig). 15 tracks of their experimental collaborations. Recorded in 1991 and 1992, and released in 1992 in an edition of 500.


Conrad Schnitzler has been an institution in the German electronic music scene for thirty years. He studied with Joseph Beuys in the mid 1960’s, and in the late sixties joined the then fledgling German rock band Tangerine Dream. He added a bizarre, conceptual approach to Tangerine Dream that catapulted the band to legendary status, documented on the bands first album “Electronic Meditation”. Schitzler left after that first album, forming with his friends Moebius and Roedelius the band Kluster. Kluster recorded and released three albums before Schnitzler again left, this time to pursue his own work under his own name. Kluster continued with just Roedelius and Moebius under the name Cluster. Since the demise of Kluster, Schnitzler has released dozens of albums, cassettes and CDs, both on his own and on various labels around the world. For a complete history and discography of Schnitzler, please refer to the excellent book on Schnitzler, titled “Con-sequence”, written by Rolf Sonnemann and Peter Stöferle, available from: Rolf Sonnemann, Kaspar- Bitter-Str. 6, 38685 Langelsheim, Germany


Originally released in 1974 in an edition of 500 copies, this, along with the three Kluster albums as well as Conrad's album "Rot" constitute not only some of the rarest albums of the now highly sought-after "kraut-rock" scene, but also some of the most extreme musically. More rhythmical than the previous "Rot", this CD contains a bonus track from the same time period not on the original LP.

Conrads first solo release on MT,this full length album features twelve tracks of his minimal solo experimentations. Some parts are very orchestral in nature, others more minimal and ambient. Several years ago Conrad abandoned giving his pieces titles, and started a numbering system for all his compositions. This release documents the recordings that constitute the group 00/44.

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Recorded 1974 through 1978, this was originally planned by Conrad to augment his other albums of the time, albums like "Rot", "Blau", and "Grün", but for various reasons it never came out. We are happy to be able to release this long lost gem, this album that so many have heard about and have been asking to be released for so long. Includes a 16 page, "golden" booklet.