Kluster were a short lived "band" that existed in the early 1970's, formed by Conrad Schnitzler after he left Tangerine Dream, and at the height of what we now refer to as "Kraut Rock". Comprising Roedelius, Moebius and Conrad Schnitzler, they were together long enough to record and release three albums, all in editions of between a few hundred and five hundred, and all of which are today extremely hard to find collectors items that, when found, usually go for hundreds of dollars each. Conrad left Kluster after their third album "Eruption". Roedelius and Moebius have continued under the name Cluster, with dozens of releases already out under this name. The first two albums have been re-released in the United States by Cleopatra.


This is a re-release of the third Kluster LP, originally release in 1971 in a pressing of only 200 copies! 100 copies were later pressed as part of the Schnitzler box set. One of the rarest and most sought-after of all “Kraut Rock” LPs. Two long, very experimental and industrial pieces, long before that term was even coined! Re-released by Marginal Talent for the first time as a CD in a digi-pak with original, black and white artwork.

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