LeVolksbüro was a short-lived band based out of Fürth, Germany, that existed from the summer of 1987 until just after their one show on New Year's Eve of that year, after which they just sort of fell apart. Their sound can be described as sort of a combination of radical left-wing politics and the un-PC-ness of the Butthole Surfers, with an almost perverse interest in the personal life Muamar Qaddafi. They consisted of Gerhard on guitar, Patte on vocals and mastermind, Joe on bass and Gunther on drums. They also briefly had a keyboarder called Graui or something like that. After the break-up Gerhard and Joe formed Something To Burn with Ralf Lexis, both of whom are also members of Doc Wör Mirran, while Patte, after years of relative un-productivity in terms of music, has revived LeVolksburo now as his own recording project.
Besides one track on the "Nuremberga In Vertrebris" LP (MT-036), this C-60 tape is the only thing this short-lived band ever released. Contains all their "hits", including "Muamar El G", "Toxic Boy", "Reefer Club", "Flanged Brain" and of course "Independent Doc". Included is even a version of "Everyday", a Doc Wör Mirran track also covered by both Thumper and Something To Burn.

Almost ten years after the first and only Le Volksbüro release, the world finds a new Le Volksbüro release in these three new songs available only on MP3 format. Gone are the guitars, bass and drums, about the only thing left is Patte on vocals and computers and Muamar himself as the object of Le Volksüro's humour. These three songs are a strange mixture of Butthole Sufers style weirdness coupled with totally nuts dance music. And like all MT3 releases, its free.


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