This three song 7" vinyl single, their second release as a band and their first release for eMpTy, was a taste of things to come: melodic power pop. Cool green marbled vinyl, 45 rpm on the A side, 33 on the flip.


A now-defunct band from San Francisco, California, the Meices formed in 1991 and broke up in 1997, after which main songwriter Joe Reineke went on to form the even more prolific Alien Crime Syndicate in the late '90s, a band that added some electronic elements to the hard guitar pop of bands like his previous Meices. Besides their debut album on eMpTy, the Meices put out three more albums on different labels, their last on the major label London Records, plus a good dozen singles on various other labels.

Their last eMpTy release features two songs, one from their eMpTy album released on the same day, plus "Crash", a song exclusive to this release. Some copies on clear vinyl, most on black. Test pressings on blue vinyl.

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