After years of planning, we finally offer the newest album by the Nuns. This hour long album contains eight new studio tracks plus a few live tracks thrown in for good measure, including new live versions of "Do You Want Me On My Knees" and their classic "Suicide Child". Full color cover throughout of the beautiful Jennifer makes this album well worth the wait! A limited edition was made of a few dozen copies where the CD is packed in nylon stockings.


Hailing originally from the San Francisco bay area, the Nuns today are based in New York. Having existed since the late 1970s, they are a punk-rock legend. They were one of the first, and after all these years, are still one of the best. Featuring the vocal talents of Jeff Olener and the beautiful Jennifer Miro, they present an instantly melodic, yet still hard early punk sound, sometimes with a touch of gothic thrown in for good measure. Always controversial, they claim that Sid Vicious actually overdosed at one of their parties. Indeed, Jennifer's main hobby seems to be collecting eccentric millionaires! They have released some of the most classic of all punk records through the years, most notably on the Bomp! and Posh Boy labels. Also, besides music, Jennifer Miro has become interested in acting, having already starred in "Red Italy", a film by Eric Mitchell. Their live shows are famous for their volume and party-atmosphere.


Limited edition of 25 copies, this promotion only tape is basically just a spoken thank you by Jennifer to the fine sales people at EFA, our distributor. Recorded only on one side.

This is our second co-release with the classic Posh Boy label, and it is one great record. Instantly melodic, this documents 12 of the earlier Nuns songs, along with 11 new tracks. Produced by Robbie Fields, and engineered by both Bad Religion's Mr. Brett and the famous Dead Kennedies producer Geza X (who also plays one of the wildest solos you can imagine on one song!). Some copies made as a limited edition porno version (proof of age required when ordering, kids), other copies autographed by the band. Also pressed in the USA by Posh Boy, with a slightly different back cover.
Call this the leather S & M saw-blade if you will, number 22 in the series. The Nuns pioneered the black leather look in the San Francisco punk scene already in the late 1970's and here feature a non-LP track, a slow, moody and melodic tribute to Anita Berger. Die Form come more from the European industrial scene, and are also well known in the fetish scene, here with an exclusive remix. White vinyl. 700 pressed.
The A-side is a studio cut from their forthcoming album on EMPTY RECORDS EUROPE. The B-side contains two live tracks recorded last year at the Mercury Lounge. 125 copies as a limited, numbered edition on glow in the dark vinyl, the rest on black.

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