With members Ed Fotheringham, Joe Culver, Steve Turner, Whiting Tennis and Steven LaRose, Love+Respect were a Seattle area band that some considered Seattle's answer to SF's Flipper. Similar to Flipper, Love+Respect certainly tested the boundaries of what a "normal" band sounds like, taking a laid back attitude to arrangements, musicianship and professionalism. Beginning in the late 1980s, they really came to together in the early 90's, putting two albums out, one on MT Undertainment and another on Penultimate, before just sort of falling apart. They gained early interest due to the participation of Mudhoney's Steve Turner. Still, they were a fun and refreshing alternative to the relentless promotion of professional grunge at the time.


Their second album, this is a landmark Seattle release, and so much more fun to listen to than most Seattle grunge conquering the world at the time, just make sure you have a good supply of beer on hand. Twelve cool tracks, including "If I Only Had A Brain", one of the coolest tracks ever recorded!

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