These guys have been around since the early 1980’s with their extremely melodic pop-punk. Their band name is of course a pun on Black Flag, and apparently they even toyed with the name “Major Threat” before settling on White Flag. They have released dozens of records around the world on such cool labels as Munster, Mystic (check out their amazing live version of Golden Earring’s “Radar Love” on their “Feeding Frenzy” LP!) and Sympathy For The Record Industry, besides scores of little unknown labels, as well as on their own (now defunct) label Gasatanka Records. Centered around guitarist Pat Fear, current and past members have included Trace Element, Jello B. Afro, El Fee, Al Bum and Doug Graves. Check them out live if you get the chance.

Probably our most anusly oriented release, I am sure we will be called assholes for releasing this one. Tesco Vee puts in a gruff sounding pop song "Manimal", backed by the mysterious “Pat Pending” and his cohorts. White Flag checks in with "Everything Means Nothing", a nice sing along pop song that could have been a hit for the Beatles. It is even produced by long-time fan Sven Brüx. I guess they have more in common than they would like to admit! Both covers full color and awesome, comic on the inside of the White Flag army attacking TV. Pressing of 1100, all on blue vinyl.
After years of wandering the label landscape, White Flag comes home again to MT with this three song single, the A-side of which is pulled from their debut MT long player, the two tracks on the B-side are exclusive to this release. Pop punk at its finest. A limited edition of 125 numbered copies were pressed on glow in the dark vinyl, the rest are on black.

If any band could be considered to have invented the term “pop-punk”, it would have to be White Flag. These guys have been around since the early 1980’s with their extremely melodic punk that mixes not only pure pop, but also a healthy dose of glam and even a bit of tongue in cheek style Los Angeles metal. Centered around guitarist Pat Fear, “Wild Kingdom” combines, for the first time ever on CD, all the 1986 tracks recorded for the “Zero Hour” album, the original 1987 “Wild Kingdom” album, as well as extra tracks that later found their way on the “Sgt. Pepper” and “Freedom Fighter” releases. As an added bonus, the CD includes seven recordings that have never been available before, as well as all the original cover art from the various releases, which can be displayed as the front cover depending on how you fold the CD booklet.

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Here it is, the newest studio album by the band who defined the term "pop-punk", after literally years of delays and missed release dates, giving an ironic meaning to the album title. Hard edged guitars worming their way around infectious melodies, the pure White Flag sound, with guests Pat Smear of Nirvana, Joey und Joe Of Voodoo GlowSkulls, Tim of Rancid, and Chips Of Sator. Seventeen tracks that span the gap between the melodies and vocal harmonies of the Beatles to the hard-edged power of punk. Includes two MPEG format videos.