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Coming soon will be the new studio recording of one of Nuernberg's longest running and best-loved bands, none other than the Shiny Gnomes. The album is called "Spirit Of The Band", and we feel that it is their best recording ever, which, if you know their older albums, is not an easy thing to top!

We are sad to report that Richie Hass, a longtime member of Zoogz Rift's band, has died of Leukemia.


The new Phillip BOA/Speedway 69 sawblade release is out! Following on its tails will be a Bowie tribute sawblade by none other than Der 'N Rat (Derwood of Generation X and Rat Scabies of the Damned) with the flipside by southern Germany's mighty Penetraitors. Der 'N Rat cover Bowie's "Lady Grinning Soul" in an accoustic version, where the Penetraitors perform a blistering rendition of "Suffragette City".

3.12. 2006

For those of you looking for the old Merlons catalog, Shadowplay, a fine Russian label, has licensed our Merlons catalog and has begun re-releasing the entire catalog again, including many hard to find tracks such as the Salamander EP as well as the Eluoami bonus CD.


Well, that sure took awhile! Tragedies finally has a "new" release, the re-release of our first two J.B.O. mini CDs together, with bonus tracks, as a full length album. A must for all J.B.O. fans, and there are a lot of you out there!


Zoomica has licensed not one but two of our Merlons tracks for their two new samplers "Des Mittelalters Weibliche Gesaenge 1" and "Nachtschwaermer, Die Klassiker 1".


J.B.O. are celebrating 15 years (well, as they like to call it, 30 divided by two!) of band history with a new album on Virgin and a gigantic tour of Germany. We wish them all the luck and just as much fun for the next 15 years!

With the death of our distributor EFA and the fact that, due to growing families, we have decided not to release as much as before, we have decided to put to rest ManifesT Records. There has not been a new ManifesT title in years, and anything that would perhaps have come out on Manifest will now come out on Musical Tragedies and will be distributed by Indigo.

Previous News


Shiny Gnomes - Spirit Of The Band (MT-555) CD Release Date: September 5th, 2008 ORDER

Their ninth studio album in almost a quarter century finds singer/songwriter/guitarist Limo back with the Shiny Gnomes. Also back in the band is original keyboardist Gasi. They are joined by Manna on bass and Dorit on drums. Dorit herself is no newcomer to the music scene, also being the long- time drummer of the NBG area all girl band Die Shivas. Guests include Tom Liwa of the Flowerpornoes on guitar and vocals and Silvia Cuesta, also of Die Shivas, on bass. “Spirit Of The Band” shows the band as fresh and innovative as ever, featuring twelve new melodic and powerful songs, still rooted in the unique Shiny Gnomes sound their fans have been waiting for for years. Standout tracks include “Flo, Dino And I”, “Demons Appear” and the title track “Spirit Of The Band”.

J.B.O. - Eine Gute Blastphemie Zum Kaufen (MT-543) CD Indigo 6127-2 Release Date July 4th, 2005 ORDER

This CD couples the first two mini CDs "Eine Gute CD Zum Kaufen" and "Blastphemie" together on one full length album. Well, if that doesn't sound like anything special, then lets consider the bonus tracks: the first two tracks from the "Der Weiße Hai Im Dechsendorfer Weiher" CD are included and up till now one of the hardest to find studio recordings from J.B.O. To make it even better, we have "Hasch", a funny cover of ZZ Top's "Hush", previously released only on the first pressing of the Blastphemie CD and until now so hard to find that not even most JBO fans knew it existed. We also have "Socken Kauf Ich Nur Noch Bei Wörl", the hidden studio track on the Twingle maxi, a cover of Status Quo's "Rockin' All Over The World". And if all that was not good enough, the booklet is just jammed full of previously unseen photos as well as lyrics and liner notes by JBO themselves. The first edition of the CD comes as a limited edition digi-pack.

EXPLIZITE PROSA (MT-437) CD EFA 12397 Release Date November 1st, 1998 ORDER

This is a karaoke version of our best selling J.B.O. album "Explizite Lyrik". 15 instrumental tracks made famous by J.B.O for you to sing over. Record your own vocals and mail it in to us, along with a signed copy of the record contract included in the CD booklet, and maybe you will be part of a limited edition fan CD that we will release later in 1999!

LAUTER LUSTIGE LEUTE Various Artists (MT-357) CD EFA 12370 Release Date September 20th, 1998 ORDER

Visions magazine thinks this is an unfunny CD featuring Germany's worst bands. We couldn't agree with them more, and don't advise you listening to Tankwart, Vicky Vomit, Randalica, Biba & The Butzemänner, 4 Blonde Nonnen, Heinz, Atzes Welt, Steinschlag, plus our own MT bands Donald Dark, Schließmuskel, Dread Zeppelin, The Swinging Erudites and J.B.O. The cover art by Klaus Cornfield, featuring caricatures of each band, is also not very funny!



Sawblades are circular-saw shaped vinyl 7"ers or CDs. Each release is a split release and, with the vinyl, with one artist on each side, on colored vinyl. Each are hand-cut by one of the MT Undertainment vinyl slaves on our vinyl shaping machine, and are limited editions. All feature deluxe fold-out covers, most in full color. Besides the titles listed below, we have a large back-catalog featuring such established artists as Motorhead, Mudhoney, Patsy Cline, Frank Sinatra, !Kaak!, Gas Huffer, Tesco Vee, The Circle Jerks, The Spermbirds, Party Diktator, Doc Wör Mirran & Controlled Bleeding, among others. Write or e-mail for a complete catalog.

New Saw-blade Releases:

#30 The PENETRAITORS / DER 'N RAT - Suffragette City / Lady Grinning Soul (MT-553) Release Date: March 29th, 2008 7" vinyl. ORDER

Number 30 in the series of saw-blade shaped records by Musical Tragedies sees none other than Germany's premier streetpunk band the Penetraitors team up with the old-school legends Rat Scabies (The Damned) and Derwood (Generation X) for this split David Bowie tribute single. The Penetraitors offer a blistering version of Bowie's classic Suffragette City, while Der "N Rat offer up Lady Grinning Soul. Both songs are new recordings, exclusive to this release! Red vinyl and a tasteful, full color cover round out this fun release.

#29 PHILIPP BOA / SPEEDWAY 69 - The Great Houdini / Random Romantic (MT-552) EFA 12624 Release Date: March 1st, 2008 7" vinyl. ORDER

With number 29, we offer you an exclusive song from none other than the German king of indie rock himself, Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub.This studio recording is only available on this release! On the flip are his pals Speedway 69 with likewise an exlusive studio recording, who themselves have been produced by Phillip Boa for years now. White vinyl, 500 copies.

#28 SONNY VINCENT / JIMMY PAGE - A Good Day For Rock / Wailing Sounds (MT-527) EFA 12624 Release Date: March 1st, 2003 7" vinyl. ORDER

A taster for his upcoming guitar slinger album "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"on MT, Sonny Vincent's side of this split saw-blade features his patented detroit rock sound, and homage to his buddy Wayne Kramer. But don't wait around thinking you can just get this song on the full length, because not only is the song exclusive to this release, but it is also very limited! Features none other than Captain Sensible on bass, Scott Asheton on drums, and Rick Ballard and Brian James on guitar. And the other side you ask? Who would be better to split a vinyl single with Sonny Vincent than the master guitar slinger of all time, Jimmy Page! This is an older, very hard to find track Jimmy did with Screaming Lord Sutch on vocals and John Bonham on drums. Hey, this is half of Led Zeppelin!