Sonny Vincent
Sonny Vincent has been an institution in the punk community since his first band the Testors began in 1977. Uncompromising and hard, Sonny Vincent plays punk rock the way in should be played, putting most younger bands to shame. During the 1980’s Sonny played in various bands, the best known of which was Shotgun Rationale, which was produced by Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground. Sonny’s a very talented musician, and it therefor comes as no surprise that his talents are valued by many established artists within the punk and underground community. He has played and recorded with such notable artists as Half Japanese, Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes), Lou Reed, Moe Tucker, Richard Hell, Cheetah Chrome, Greg Norton (Husker Dü), the list could go on and on. Be sure to check out his other albums too, as well as a fantastic single out on New Damned Noise, which is where we got the photo from above.

When Sonny Vincent gets an idea in his head, he pulls it through. Regardless if it is working with Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground, or Victor DeLorenzo of Violent Femmes, the slanky New Yorker always puts it off. About three years ago, Sonny decided to try to put out the worlds most ultimate guitar album. The result is "The Good The Bad & The Ugly". He wrote his friends and telephoned around, called up friends of friends, and gradually out of this grand idea the project gathered shape. And lots of amazing guest stars wanted to be a part of it. Sonny recorded the basic tracks with his band, comprising himself on guitar and vocals, Captain Sensible on bass and Scott Asheton on drums. He then packed up these unfinished tracks, grabbed his guitar and went to the airport. Whenever a cheapo flight left to London or New York, Sonny was on it. He ended up recording, in all parts of the world, guitar tracks for this album, including performances by Dexter Holland & Noodles (from a famous band you all know but who's major label record company doesn't want mentioned), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Don Fleming (Gumball), Greg Ginn (Black Flag), Scott Asheton (Stooges), Wayne Kramer (MC5), Captain Sensible (Damned), Walter Lure (Heartbreakers) Brian James (Lords Of The New Church, The Damned), Richard Lloyd (Television), Robert Quin (Richard Hell), Pat Todd (Lazy Cowgirls), Bob Derwood (Generation X), Cliff Roman (Weirdos), among endless others. This rock and roll odyssey of waiting in airport lobbies, sleeping in cheap hotels or on the floor of friends, grabbing the next plane to somewhere when one of his guitar heroes just happened to have time, took three years. The result is amazing: 14 tracks of amazing guitar power. You can tell that each track was painstakingly recorded, each guitar part carefully laid down as if this was the only track in the world. You can feel the result in every note: rock and roll power.

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His music - Urgent, raw and wild. Exciting harrowing songs with a unique vocal delivery. A great songwriter with something to say. I am a fan! - Joey Ramone
Sonny Vincent reminds me of why I got into this in the first place. The is the music of possibilities, of joy, of fun, of never accepting limits. Sonny’s music is what it’s all about. - Wayne Kramer
After so many albums, Sonny lands at eMpTy with his best album yet. With guest appearances by Wayne Kramer, Scott and Ron Asheton and Captain Sensible, one could get tempted to name drop, but this album is so strong that the music holds up on its own. Uncompromising and hard, Sonny Vincent plays punk rock the way in should be played, putting most younger bands to shame. A very strong album of 14 tracks, full-on punk rock that just does not stop. Its hard to decide which of the tracks one could say are the standouts. Our favorites include “Knifeman”, “Dedication” and the incredible “One, Two, Three, Boom!”. Always on tour, don't miss him live! A vinyl version of this CD with a different cover was released by Munster Records in spain.
A taster for his upcoming guitar slinger album "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"on MT, Sonny Vincent's side of this split saw-blade features his patented detroit rock sound, and homage to his buddy Wayne Kramer. But don't wait around thinking you can just get this song on the full length, because not only is the song exclusive to this release, but it is also very limited! Features none other than Captain Sensible on bass, Scott Asheton on drums, and Rick Ballard and Brian James on guitar. And the other side you ask? Who would be better to split a vinyl single with Sonny Vincent than the master guitar slinger of all time, Jimmy Page! This is an older, very hard to find track Jimmy did with Screaming Lord Sutch on vocals and John Bonham on drums. Hey, this is half of Led Zeppelin! Edition of 500 copies.