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Speedway 69 salute you as a four piece, preaching to mankind the message of HELLROCK since 2000 A.D. Its four misanthropic miscreants who are delivering the goods of stoner-rock and high energy punk-rock: Cadillac Michigan on guitar and vox, Houston Texas drums, Bozeman Montana on lead guitar, and New York NY on bass. Speedway 69 have laid waste to nearly every club in the cities around Dortmund Rock City Germany spreading their ass-kicking 10" piece of vinyl "Back From El Ray" and the "Rock Fucka Roll" split EP with Still Dreadful (USA) over Europe and the rest of this planet. But that was just the first part of this story:

They took the challenge and toured the West Coast of the USA for more than three weeks from Los Angeles to Seattle, uninvited and uninhibited, rocking every lame-ass within earshot with action-fueled live performances, radio shows and major TV appearances, and supporting acts like Gluecifer, Killer Barbies, American Heartbreak, Emil Bulls, Smoke Blow, Church of Confidence, and whoever else wasn't threatened by them. Don't forget to check out their debut full length "Now Denial" on Dragstar Records.


With number 29 in our sawblade series of shaped records, we offer you an exclusive song from none other than the German king of indie rock himself, Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub.This studio recording is only available on this release! On the flip are his pals Speedway 69 with likewise an exlusive studio recording, who themselves have been produced by Phillip Boa for years now. White vinyl, 500 copies.

One of Germany's coolest new bands, Speedway 69 is a stoner-rock detroit punk rock thing from the Dortmund area. Produced by none other than Philip Boa, this two song single is so rockin', so punk, so cool, you can see why someone of the reputation of Philip Boa would be into them. On cool orange vinyl. You just can't say the word "cool" too often when describing this band! Cool!