The Merlons began their career in the early 1990s as The Merlons Of Nehemiah, based out of the university town of Erlangen, Germany. After only a few concerts, they signed to Musical Tragedies and soon released their debut CD "Cantoney". Their early sound could perhaps be described as dark folk, mixing medieval sounding songs based on various exotic and rare acoustic instruments, with modern independent rock elements. Although the songs all sound so old, in reality the Merlons are gifted song writers, writing virtually all the songs on their albums themselves. On their first two albums, they even developed their own medieval sounding language for many of their songs and even album titles. Their fourth album found them more rock sounding, with a new bass player and songs in English. Soon after they attracted the attention of a major label, and have since released their newer, even more modern sounding albums with texts this time in German. Unfortunately, their beautiful singer Antje has since left the band, but the Merlons continue now as Merlons Lichter.


Their second full length, many consider this release the definitive Merlons recording. Every song is a classic, combining their trademarked sound of melodic, dark, medeival playing, with the beautiful vocals of Antje, along with some real distorted guitars and powerchords! The combination makes for a classic recording by the Merlons, the perfect release for the modern times. Released in June 1994, the first 1267 of which include the bonus CD "Utopia" (MT-288, see below). Later editions don't include the bonus CD, and have a slightly different booklet and inside tray card design.
Their debut full length, this release showcases their "Medieval Mystic Folk Crossover" sound, as well as defining an ongoing, ever more popular trend, the mixing of classic folk and modern indie music. Released September 1993, this was an instant hit, selling more than 1000 copies within the first two months, as well as garnering several rave reviews. Not bad for the debut CD of a band that had until the time of release only played three concerts! Original full color cover art from a painting by Merlons member P.J. A limited edition of 200 numbered copies was produced by the band that came in variously colored hand- stitched velvet bags, complete with seal.
The Merlons Of Nehemiah's debut, and the fifth installment of our saw-blade series. This version of Testaroche is a bit different than on the CD, as it had to be shortened to fit into the 3 minute maximum allowed on a saw-blade single. Love Live Blood, already a well-known German band, offer their version of Bowie's "Heroes", which puts the original to shame. This was released in January of 1993, in a red and black marbled vinyl edition of 2000.

The first Merlons live album, this twelve song full length CD represents the earlier sound of the Merlons, with songs from their first two albums and when they still used the “Of Nehemiah” in their band name. Fantastic sound quality and a spirited performance make this a must-have for all Merlons fans. And to round it all off, a beautiful full color cover and label design, showing many live shots of the band in action.

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A four song CD that came free with the first 1267 copies of the "Eluoami" CD, with songs not on that CD. Features the song "Utopia", a favorite song from their live set.

Another milestone has been reached at MT, namely this, our very first CD-Rom! In fact, this is also the first German Independent CD-Rom ever made, and one of the first worldwide! It was designed by the same folks that bring you all those great Residents CD-Roms, and is playable on both Windows and Macintosh systems. Musically, it features nine songs that are playable on any normal CD player, three of which are new to this release, the other six of which are taken from their previous releases. One of the songs exclusive to this release, the title track "Romanoir", has since become one of the Merlons all-time classics. The computer part of the CD features a medieval labyrinth game. One enters the program with a picture of a lute, an instrument used by the Merlons, where one must play three chords with the mouse. Once played, you are permitted to enter into the labyrinth of life and must find your way through the labyrinth. At certain crossroads the Merlons own Tarot Of Life will appear, where you will be required to answer philosophical questions, resulting in a prophecy. Once solved, the labyrinth lets you enter, resulting in a very special surprise ending!

An EP of sorts as sort of an appetizer before their third regular full length studio album, with this release they dropped the "Of Nehemiah" tag. Four songs that appear nowhere else, this CD features a version of the classic title song “Salamander” that will give you goose bumps it is so great. It is no wonder that this song has attracted a lot of attention, from DJs to other record labels. But don’t be fooled, the other three tracks are great as well!. Comes in a cool cardboard sleeve, black and deep yellow printed, partially matt and partially shiny.
It has been a few years since their last real studio album “Eluoami”, and in that time they have had a chance to really grow and develop. Despite being more modern and guitar oriented than before, this is still an album forged with the subtleties of a whole world’s worth of exotic instruments. Features a different version of Salamander than on the EP. Thirteen tracks in all on the CD, fourteen on the double vinyl LP, which features one record on black vinyl, the second on yellow. Side four features a locked groove version of Salamander, some copies of which also had the band sign their signatures directly onto the vinyl!
Their last studio album before they leave MT for the major labels. This record is an experimental concept album of sorts, comprising one long, 50 minute track. Don't let that scare any of you off though, as it is still pure Merlons, giving the trance and ambient scene a run for their money. Their usual traditional instruments as well as Antje's beautiful voice are featured as you have never heard them before, weaving in and out and creating a, well, trance-like texture. A wonderful album by one of Germany's best bands, we wish them all the best.