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Another of the early, old-school punk legends joins MT. Formed in 1976, the Lurkers were one of the original first wave of punk bands, what we often today refer to as the "old school", along with such contemporaries as Sham 69, The Damned, Sex Pistols, the Clash, or Generation X. They never really split up and have been around in one configuration or another since then, the only constant member being Arthur 'Arturo Bassick' Billingsly . "Shadow", their first single, was released in 1977 and was the very first release on the newly formed label "Beggars Banquet", the label that also released their first few albums before this first incarnation of the bank split up a few years later. Today, besides his work as The Lurkers, Arthur is also a member of fellow old-school punkers 999.

A two song single of what may just very well be the last ever recordings of the Lurkers. Arturo Bassick offers here two extremely melodic pop punk tracks that are so incredibly infectious that you just won't be able to stop yourself from playing this record over and over and over! 125 copies were pressed on glow in the d ark vinyl.