Along with the Damned, the Clash and the Sex Pistols, Sham 69 was one of the original English punk bands, one of the very first that was to define the course that “Punk-rock” was to take. They are often thought of as one of the very first “Oi!” bands, and until today have maintained a hard-core fan base comprising both punks and skinheads. Their early albums from the late seventies “Hersham Boys” and “Tell Us The Truth” have become punk classics. In the eighties they put out a few too many albums dominated by synthesizers and horns, which alienated many of their fans. Judging by their eMpTy releases though, it seems as if they finally got around to listening to what their fans have been trying to tell them for years, and have now gone back to their punk roots, featuring the one and only Jimmy Pursey on vocals and Dave Parsons on guitar! They still play live on occasion, so don’t miss them, one of the most influential punk bands of all time!


After twenty years and around ten albums, Sham has finally landed on MT. Three chords per song, this is a pure punk album as you always knew Sham could make again! Great angry texts as only Pursey can write ‘em, with Dave Parson’s songwriting skills, this album features the original lineup with 14 new studio tracks of sing-along choruses and lots of distorted guitars. Highlights include “Blackpool” , “Trainspotter” and “Studenthead”.
The nineteenth in our series of saw-blade shaped singles, this is the first also available as a saw-blade shaped CD. Sham offers on this single a non LP punk rockin’ track “Individual”. On the flipside we have Die Toten Hosen, who offer their cover of the famous Sham classic with guest vocals by Pursey himself! The CD also has a hidden bonus track “Blackpool” off the A Files album. Vinyl limited to 1000 copies, on black, white and yellow marbled vinyl.

This record was actually intended only for the North American market, but we decided to press a few hundred for the German market as a limited edition. This two song, clear vinyl 7” takes the best two songs off their “Mr. Marmalade” album, released by TUG Records in Germany. Unlimited version, also on clear vinyl, for the North American market released by DOA on their own Sudden Death Records. Limited 7” vinyl, that's punk rock!

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