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Coming soon: "Live Free, Die Free", the new studio album by London's mighty Gonads!

The White Flag album "Wild Kingdom" is now out and combines, for the first time ever on CD, all the 1986 tracks recorded for the “Zero Hour” album, the original 1987 “Wild Kingdom” album, as well as extra tracks that later found their way on the “Sgt. Pepper” and “Freedom Fighter” releases.

We are sad to announce that Speedway 69 has split up.


First and most important, we are happy to report that Empty Records US has closed its doors and stopped operations, bringing to a final close one of the most difficult and unpleasant episodes in the history of MT. As many of you undoubtedly remember, MT Undertainment, founders of eMpTy Records, began legal proceedings against our former Seatle office roughly ten years ago in an attempt to stop them from using our name against our wishes. The case ended in a compromise, resulting in two companies using the name. Rest assured, Empty is not "calling it a day" as Blake puts it, but is alive and well where it has always been, here in Germany, putting out the best punk rock records you could ever want! We look forward to the next quarter century of making great music available under the name "Empty".

The second death in the Springtoifel family in only a few months! Their former drummer Bilka died of undisclosed causes recently. He was their drummer from 1986 until 1988, and played on their classic album "Laessige Hunde", which was rereleased by MT recently.


Dim, Springtoifel guitarist from 1989 until 2001, has died unexpectedly of a heart attack! He was only thirty years old.


Germany's mighty Springtoifel have finished recording their new studio album "Engelstrompeten & Teufelsposaunen". It is their first album of all new original material since 1999's "Weck Worst & Oi". Look for it soon on both CD and LP. They're now working on the cover art, which we will put online as soon as we have it!


The debut Penetraitors album is out now and is getting absolutely rave reviews! For those of you still into vinyl, our buddy Pascal over at KB Records has released it as vinyl.

To hold you over until the new Springtoifel studio album comes out early next year, we thought you might like the re-release of their classic second album "Lässige Hunde", which originally came out on We Bite and hasn´t been available for many years.


The long awaited and highly anticipated debut Penetraitors full length CD will be out soon. See our new releases section below for complete info. Meanwhile, do check out one of their concerts, you won't be disappointed.

Cashtoifel, the new single by Springtoifel, is also out soon. Here, they are covering none other than country great Johnny Cash. In the meantime, they are working on their first DVD project, hopefully to be released in time for their 25 year anniversary.

80 years of entertainment! Twins Ede and Schlaffke, of Schliessmuskel, celebrated their 40th birthday party on April 8th at the Irish Pub in Wesel! Entrance was 4 schlaffe Euronen and live music supplied by Zwakkelmann, Die Kinskis and Schließmuskel, each playing for exactly 22 minutes and 44 seconds! Meanwhile, check out the new Zwakkelmann CD "Stubenrocker - 19 neue Megahits", due for release on May 6th


MT's very first DVD is now out: Aufbruch In Die Endzeit is a documentary of the early German "Neue Deutsche Welle" and punk scene, with lots of rare footage from many of Germany's most admired bands.

Schliessmuskel will be doing a one-off reunion show in Oberhausen on September 24th in celebration of Plastic Bomb's Micha Will's 40th birthday.


Punk music has never been showcased better than on the 7" vinyl format, and to help prove this, Empty Records Europe has three new 7" vinyl releases ready at the gates. First out will be the new Spingtoifel single dedicated to their football team Mainz 05's step up into Germany's first football league. We congratulate both Mainz and Springtoifel for their success! Not one but two 7" vinyl records will be coming out by the Nürnberg/Fürth/Erlangen band The Penetraitors. See below for more info on these releases, and be sure to check them out at one of their upcoming gigs.

Not one to sit idle very long, Zwakkelmann is beginning work on his next album.


20 years! Yes, that's right, 20 years ago, on December 20th, 1984, our cassette sampler "Numb Tongue, No Taste" was released on Masking Tapes. Since then, MT Undertainment has released over 500 records, CDs, tapes, books and videos. To celebrate, we are releasing part three in our serious of cheapo label samplers. Empty Records Europe Sampler III contains new, rare and unreleased tracks by our current roster of punk bands, including such artists as Generation X, The Penetraitors, White Flag, Dee Dee and Joey Ramone, The Putters, Sonny Vincent, The Ramones, Live Action Pussy Show, Speedway 69, Springtoifel, among many others. 70 minutes, 28 trax, for only 4 Euros plus postage, or free with every order over 20 Euros. Check out our orders page for more info.

Springtoifel are about to welcome their one millionth (!!!) visitor to their website! Check it out at and if you happen to be that person, you could even win a prize!

Street Dog Records in Argentina licensed our two Lurkers tracks to add as bonus tracks to the new, great Lurkers studio album "26 Years". Well, it is out and sounds great!


Not one to be idle for very long, Schliessmuskel's Schlaffke has started a new project, Zwakkelmann, and is taking it on the road in a big way, with tour dates all over Germany and a new, 21 song full length studio album to boot.

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New Releases

The GONADS - Live Free, Die Free (MT-559) CD Release Date: COMING SOON ORDER

The Gonads are one of the UK's leading StreetPunk bands. They're the brainchild of Garry Bushell, the punk fanzine writer turned Sounds rock scribe who managed the Cockney Rejects and the Blood and compiled the firstfour Oi! albums. Bushell (alias Gal Gonad) started the band in 1976. Inspired by Strummer, Lydon and the Ramones, with a subtle hint of Ian Dury and not so subtle hints of Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Gonads exploded onto the South London Punk scene like an agitated pint of lager on a warm Summer's day. Now, 32 years after the birth of punk, The Gonads are still going strong; gigging more than ever. “Live Free, Die Free” is the newest studio album, and features 16 new tracks with Garry “Gal Gonad” Bushel on vox, Tony (Cockney Rejects) on guitar, Steve (The Mason, The Business) on lead guitar, Big Billy Boy on bass and Paul on drums. Full color cover designed by non other than Bad Co. and Oxymoron’s Sucker. Standout tracks include “Cemetary Of Lost Souls”, “Sid Vicious Lives”, “Valhallaballoo” and “Pink Tent”.

WHITE FLAG - Wild Kingdom (MT-548) CD Release Date: August 15th, 2008 ORDER

If any band could be considered to have invented the term “pop-punk”, it would have to be White Flag. These guys have been around since the early 1980’s with their extremely melodic punk that mixes not only pure pop, but also a healthy dose of glam and even a bit of tongue in cheek style Los Angeles metal. Centered around guitarist Pat Fear, “Wild Kingdom” combines, for the first time ever on CD, all the 1986 tracks recorded for the “Zero Hour” album, the original 1987 “Wild Kingdom” album, as well as extra tracks that later found their way on the “Sgt. Pepper” and “Freedom Fighter” releases. As an added bonus, the CD includes seven recordings that have never been available before, as well as all the original cover art from the various releases, which can be displayed as the front cover depending on how you fold the CD booklet.

SPRINGTOIFEL - Engelstrompeten und Teufelsposaunen (MT-551) CD/LP Release Date: September 20th, 2007 ORDER

After their 1999 album "Weck Worst & Oi", the first album of all new, original material from Springtoifel in eight years. That is a long time to wait. The the wait has been well worth it, as this is a killer album in the best Springtoifel tradition, crystal clear recorded and performed as only Springtoifel can. Features a hilarious cover that makes a lot of fun of Hyronimus Bosch that has to be seen to be believed!

SPRINGTOIFEL - Lässige Hunde (MT-549) CD Release Date: December 1st, 2006 ORDER

Originally released in 1986 on We Bite, this was Springtoifel´s second studio album. Featuring their all-time hits "Bierdosentwist" and the title track "Lässige Hunde", the re-release of this album on MT is something Springtoifel´s many fans have been waiting for for years. Originally formed in 1981, Springtoifel have become Germany´s longest running and most loved Oi bands, with their unique blend of ska, punk, and even styles like traditional German folk music and even Tango. Features a deluxe, full color cover, with many new photos.

The PENETRAITORS - (s/t) (MT-547) CD Release Date: June 16th, 2006 ORDER

After two successful singles, extremely good reviews, several great shows, and the louder and louder cries of fans for a real full length release, the Penetraitors have finally entered the realm of the full length digital recording. Comprising remastered versions of the songs from their two singles, plus several new songs, this, the first length studio album by the Penetraitors, is what fans and the punk press have been waiting for for years. Twelve blistering, melodic sing-along street-punk blasts, crystal clearly produced and in a smart digipack cover complete with a nice thick booklet full of photos and lyrics.

SPRINGTOIFEL - Machen Cash (MT-546) 7" Release Date: June 16th, 2006 ORDER

Seems like every time that Springtoifel get asked to record a song for a tribute sampler, the idea blossoms into a real Springtoifel release. This trend started with the Motortoifel single where they recorded two Motorhead tracks, and continues now with CashToifel. Here we have Mainz's great Springtoifel covering the legendary Johnny Cash. Think that a German Oi band covering a great American country star is a bit miss-matched, well then think again! On this two-song vinyl only single, Springtoifel cover the Cash tracks "Cafe Gitterblick" and "25 Minutes To Go" in unmistakable Springtoifel quality.

ZWAKKELMANN - Stubenrocker (MT-545) CD Release Date: May 6th, 2006 ORDER

Right on the heels of his first album "Spritztour", Zwakkelmann unleashes his second album of pop punk, beach boys influenced blasts. A whopping 19 studio tracks make up this album, with such highlights as "Mein Nachbar Haengt Schon Wieder An Der Flasche", "Ein Einsamer Eunuche" and the great "Beach Boys Traum". Hell, we wouldn't be surprised at all if we found out that Brian Wilson himself guested on this album!

AUFBRUCH IN DIE ENDZEIT (MT-534) DVD Indigo 54322 Release Date: July 4th, 2005 ORDER

Aufbruch In Die Endzeit is a documentary of the early German "Neue Deutsche Welle" and punk scene, with very rare footage from such legendary German bands DAF, KFC (with Tommi Stumpf), Abwärts, ZK, Fehlfarben, Freiwillige Selbskontrolle, Der Moderne Mann, Mania D, Der Plan, and as bonus tracks, Liaisons Dangereuses, Wirtschaftswunder and Malaria. Originally titled "1980 New Wave Hit Exposion", this film was released as a VHS video cassette in 1980, and contains live gigs, interviews and videos that are available nowhere else. Great sound, good picture quality and nice menu graphics make this a must for every fan of early German independent music.

The PENETRAITORS - ...Are Gonna Pop Your Berry (MT-539) 7" Release Date: February 26th, 2005 ORDER

This two song 7" is another entry in our "MT Lite" series of cheapo, one sided vinyl releases featuring photocopied covers, all in an effort to put out records by new bands that are so cheap that anyone can afford them. Here we have the Penetraitors with two Chuck Berry songs that put these great songs into a whole new perspective. Seriously, have you ever expected to hear an Oi! Oi! chorus on "Roll Over Beethoven"? They also do a killer version of a lesser known Berry track "30 Days".

The PENETRAITORS - Kick Out The Scum (MT-542) 7" Release Date: February 26th, 2005 ORDER

The debut release, this killer four song 7" vinyl only release is a worthy addition to the time honoured tradition of 7" vinyl punk rock EPs. Recorded in the fall of 2004, these four original songs represent the best of two years of songwriting and practicing. Side one starts off with "Scum", followed by "Run For Your Life". Side two features "Get Off The Air" and "Nothing About Me". Includes poster insert, featuring complete lyrics and photos. Released on our revived subsidiary label Lonsdale Records.

SPRINGTOIFEL - Fussballermann (MT-540) 7" Release Date: February 15th, 2005 ORDER

Hot on the heels of their Ettalprednik album, here we have Springtoifel celebrating Mainz's 05 football club advance into Germany's first football league. As you can probably guess, as huge fans of Mainz 05 they are more than thrilled, and have not let the opportunity slip by to show this by releasing this four track, vinyl only EP. Four punk rockin' tracks that many have said is their best record in years!

EMPTY RECORDS EUROPE SAMPLER III (MT-541) CD Indigo 54322 Release Date: December 20th, 2004 ORDER

Not just the third installment of our series of cheapo label samplers, Empty Sampler III is also a celebration of 20 years of MT Undertainment. Born on December 20th, 1984, MT Undertainment has released over 500 records, tapes, CDs, books, DVDs and videos, from virtually all musical styles and cultures. To celebrate, MT offers this full length CD at a bargain price, featuring new, rare and/or unreleased tracks from many of our current roster of bands, including such artists as Generation X, The Penetraitors, White Flag, Dee Dee and Joey Ramone, The Putters, Sonny Vincent, The Ramones, Live Action Pussy Show, Speedway 69, Springtoifel, among many others. 70 minutes, 28 trax, as well as extensive liner notes and MT band discography.