WARNING! THESE RECORDS CONTAIN NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE! MT Lite, what the hell is that? HEY PUNK, check this out, just 'cause we're releasing D.O.A., Sham, The Damned, the Ramones, and numerous others of our punk hero's records doesn't mean that there aren't other good acts out there! We don't want these acts to go under or get lost, so what do a couple of old fart punks like ourselves do? Easy, we do a series of D.I.Y. 7", all of 'em kick ass, but cheap enough for you to afford. Like the good old days, which some of you might remember.... Long live black vinyl, one -sided 7"ers with photocopied covers! Guaranteed no colored vinyl, no label printing, no fancy covers, and NO FRILLS! All are limited editions, so donít be a putz and wait too long!


This record is the eighth installment in the Empty Records Europe series of "Lite" records, one sided vinyl records by up and coming bands with photo copied covers and sold for an ultra cheapo price. Here we have the Penetraitors offering two Chuck Berry songs, the rather obscure track "30 Days" as well as the famous ballbuster "Roll Over Beethoven". Berry as you have never heard him!

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This first in the series is a killer! Three songs from our friends in Köln, the one and only Live Action Pussy Show! Every song is a hit, to think these tracks would probably never have seen the light of day, almost makes all those fucking soaps worth watching.., well almost. 300 copies.
Two songs, three chords from these Aussie friends. Ultra raw and simple, ultra punk! The perfect sound for the series, dudes, check it out! 300 copies.
Four kick butt high adrenaline punk tracks (plus a bonus track) from these versatile Swiss punkers that'll rock your socks off. No yodelling mountain-climbers on this release! WARNING: Do not listen to this music in your automobile (unless you can afford the speeding tickets) The cover alone is worth getting this!!!. 300 copies.

I think that some of you might know what this 7" is all about (wink, wink),.. Our heroes The Only Alternative from London pound out this great two song taster of their upcoming eMpTy album. Classic brit-punk! . 300 copies.

The second release from this Hamburg based band after a raging self-released 7". "Fischauge" is so powerful and yet melodic, its no wonder punk journalists are falling over themselves in praise of Motormuschi. Plus, they have the added bonus of having one of the coolest sounding band-names one could think of in the German language! The second song is a cover of "Halo Nachbar" from the Hostages Of Ayatolah. Their newest release is a 10" picture disc on Plastic Bomb Records. 400 copies.

A highlight in the series, if you're into punk like it was meant to be played then check this out. A double shot of classic 77 style punk from one of the U.K.'s finest. Classic Punk on a classic theme, lads; if you don't get this, it's your own fuckin' fault. And while you're at it, look for their other self-released singles and a full-length CD. 300 copies.

No, don't get your hopes up, The Putters have not reformed. But this is the next best thing, namely their last ever recording session, finally released on vinyl as part of our MT Lite series. This was recorded just before they split up for good, and contains three fast rockin' punk blasts, the perfect finish to this energetic Seattle band. 300 pressed.