One of Germany's great garage trash bands, their name alone is enough to cause lots of attention, a few giggles, and more than enough controversy. Hailing from Köln, they are also the first German signing to Posh Boy in the USA. Founded in May 1992 by Christa and Anouschka, their original line-up was: Anouschka - vocals, Anja - bass, Dietz - guitar, and Christa - drums. Anja has since departed, and they now have a male bassist. They released a single in December 1993 on Thunderbaby records, Anouschka's own label for girl bands and limited to 1000 on colored vinyl. Live they are an aggressive powerhouse, already having supported such names as Flipper, Mudhoney, Shonen Knife, Green Day, Unorthodox, Whore, Cosmic Psychos, Pleasure Fuckers, and 7 Year Bitch.
This time LAPS offers us “Dead Cities”, a cover of the classic Expoited song that is only available on this release. Nina Hagen of course needs no introduction. However, we would like to point out that this is the only indie release she has ever done, and yes, this track is that old song made famous by the Monkees, here in a version that only Nina could deliver! Released July 15th, 1997, this is the seventeenth in the saw-blade series. Gray vinyl to look like a real metal saw-blade.Edition of 500, another 500 uncut misspressings also exist.
This one is a monster to love if there ever was one! Hinting at just how good of a live band they are, this first full length release features 10 tracks of three chord snotty power punk. Four of the tracks are produced by Youth Gone Mad's Paul Kostabi. Standout tracks include the title track "Monster Love", "I Wanna Kill Your Girlfriend", and their slow cover of the Agent Orange classic "Bloodstains". Released April 1995 in collaboration with Posh Boy.
The first installment of our Lite Series of cheapo, one sided 7”ers with photocopied covers, unprinted white labels and black vinyl. Three fast, powerful, new tracks. Released April 11th, 1998. 300 copies.

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