Youth Gone Mad

Originally fro m Los Angeles and now based out of New York, YGM formed in 1980 by ENA aka Paul Kostabi. YGM played the LA and Orange County punk rock scene from 1980-1983 before Paul moved to New York. The original members were Ena on acoustic guitar and vocals, Sickness on Bass and Tami aka Felix on drums and vocals. They played around Los Angeles with groups like The Mentors, The Stains, Black Flag, Caustic Cause and Fear among others. In 1981 a 7” was released with the hit Oki Dogs. It was in rotation on Rodney on the Roq for a couple of years and still gets played today. A second release with the grave turning Ode to Darby was released in 1983 on SMK7 records. Darby was dead, the scene was dead, Ena moved to NYC. The band was on hold while Ena kept playing in various bands The Tastemakers, White Zombie and LIFE. In 1988 another YGM release with Crime Rate 88 and In My Mind made for a college hit stateside. After this 7” there was at least 20 7” releases on various labels before signing to Moving Target Records for 2 albums, West/East and Dayjob (1990-1994). Both had airplay with extensive touring. A short break while Paul toured with Psychotica and Hammerbrain and YGM are back with various 7” records on eMpTy records, some compilations, and a full length on Panx (Pollenate).


The New York scene saw-blade, this is a split release between Los Gusanos and Youth Gone Mad. Los Gusanos offers us "Snake Piss", and is of course the band of CJ Ramone, the new bassist of the Ramones after Dee Dee left. This is one rocking, melodic track! YGM here offer us "Nirvana Stomp", an earlier track of their hard yet melodic pop punk. Cover art logo designed by Dee Dee himself. First pressing of 500 on clear vinyl with red drips, second pressing of 300 on clear vinyl.
This is the hardest and most consistent Youth Gone Mad album to date, featuring 16 punk blasts, including an acoustic version of “In My Mind”, the way it was supposed to be played back in 1988. Other fantastic blasts include “Guns”, “Sedated” and the old Adolescents classic “Amoeba” , which features an amazing guest vocalist that has to be heard to be believed! Dee Dee Ramone plays guitar on many of the tracks.

One track off the “Touching Cloth” album, the B-side is exclusive to this single. Both tracks are Ramones classics, and both feature none other than Dee Dee Ramone himself on guitar! Grey vinyl with white splotches.

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