More than any other band, the Ramones are the most influential punk band ever. With their roots in leather jacketed street rock, influenced by the likes of Iggy Pop and many of the other Detroit area bands of the early 1970’s, they were the main influence of just about every single of the first wave of English punk bands, what we today like to call the “old school”. They played a concert in London, must have been sometime in 1975 or 76, which was attended by many future English punk stars, who then went out and formed bands of their own, thus creating the beginnings of the punk scene as we know it today. The Ramones of course went on and recorded many studio and live albums, many of which have today become rock classics, and have toured consistently for twenty years. eMpTy Records is proud to have been a part of their legacy.


The Ramones finally get represented on a saw-blade, and it is about time! Here they offer us one of their early tracks from the mid 1970s that has already got their patented punk and leather sound. The New York Dolls on the flip side give us another of their glitter anthems. The first pressing vinyl version is half blue, half red, split down the middle of each record. The second pressing vinyl is half white, half red, the third pressing half white and half blue. Also, the vinyl and CD covers are slightly different.

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This record documents the final show by the Ramones, their 2263rd show, recorded at the Billboard live in Los Angeles on August 6th, 1996. eMpTy has spared no expense in making this, the final Ramones LP, the most elaborate and lovingly made Ramones vinyl LP ever. Full color fold-out cover, the inside of which features tons of photos and letters from the Ramones themselves, assembled to look like a Monopoly game, all in full-color. The recording features many prominent guest stars, including Lemmy of Motorhead, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Lars Frederiksen and Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Chris Cornell and Ben Shepard of Soundgarden as well as ex-Ramone Dee Dee Ramone himself. All their hits are included , standouts being “Pet Cemetery”, “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” and “Blitzkrieg Bop”. All 32 tracks are spread out over four sides, the first record being pressed on thick blue vinyl, the second on red (a few hundred misspressings do exist on black viny, and another 200 were delivered with yellow instead of red vinyll). Also, a limited edition picture disc version was made including the Converse logo on sides one and three, and photo collages on sides two and four.