No, don't get your hopes up, The Putters have not reformed. But this is the next best thing, namely their last ever recording session, finally released on vinyl as part of our MT Lite series. This was recorded just before they split up for good, and contains three fast rockin' punk blasts, the perfect finish to this energetic Seattle band. 300 pressed.

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Usually referred to as their "Muscle Car" single, this is probably for the simple fact that that song, the first on this three song 7", is one furious, loud and fast anthem that sets the pace for all the Putters recorded output. Definitely one of the highlights in our series of US pressed singles. 1000 pressed, one hundred of which are on green vinyl.

Formed in the very early 1990s as a three piece with the line-up of James Erdman (Bass, Vocals), Robert Scafe (Guitar), and Tony Hardiman (Drums), this Seattle band was famous for their credo that they would play "any time, anywhere, with anybody, for any amount of money". They later grew into a four piece with the addition of Nate Hill on guitar. Also, Bryant Grace replaced Tony on drums. It was this power-house four-piece that recorded their one and only full length. Besides their two eMpTy releases, they also have one single out on Bag Of Hammers. They split up unfortunately soon after recording their "Sellin' Hollywood To Puerto Rico" single.


The Putters one and only full length begins things right with a new version of their classic "Muscle Car". Things just get better from there on this 12 song full length. Both CD and LP pressed in the USA.