The Only Alternative have been kicking around the London punk scene for over 15 years now, playing their brand of traditional “old school” punk. Featuring Neil Thompson, Neil is also leader of another, even older London-area band, the Carpettes. They seem to gig around London a lot, often as support for their buddies the UK Subs, so check them out if you get the chance.
Our heroes from London pound out this great two song taster of their upcoming eMpTy album. Classic brit-punk! Released as the fourth part in our MT Lite series, being one-sided black vinyl singles with photo copied covers. No colored vinyl, no label printing, no fancy covers, and no frills, but DIY style ultra-cheap punk records! 300 copies.
Some bands want each record they do to be absolutely perfect, regardless of how long it takes. The Only Alternative is just such a band, taking, well, only fifteen years to put out this, their second full-length (Their first album was a 12” vinyl only deal on Midnight, now defunct). But is was well worth the wait, as this album is chock full of traditional old school punk that only can come out of London. Twelve tracks in all, standout tracks include the title track, “Don’t Wanna Die” and “George Best Was On The Telly”.
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