Another of our "big hair" samplers, from the master himself, Einhorn (of Atemnot and Kalte Krieger), who also compiled our "Sieger Sehen Anders Aus" sampler series.



  1. J.M.K.E. - Siga
  2. Atemnot - Sei Kamikaze
  3. Die Suicides - Saddam City
  4. Speichelbrois - Braune Ratten
  5. Tonnensturtz - Rügen
  6. Popperklopper - Kill Yourself
  7. Tonnensturtz - Schublade
  8. Falling Down - Brett
  9. Kalte Krieger - Freiheit
  10. Fuckin' Faces - 2010
  11. Stacheldraht - Alles Fing...
  12. Tax Dodgers - Sunshine And Rain
  13. Schließmuskel - Ede's Nachbarin (demo version)

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More fun for all those interested in vinyl-only, big haired German punk. This colored vinyl 10" features some of the cooler German hardcore bands kickin' around the late 1990s. Limited to 300, all on white, yellow and black splattered viny with a fold-out cover.