If there was ever a band in Nürnberg that represented the "big hair" scene, it would have to be Atemnot. And the leader of Atemnot was the infamous Einhorn, who played drums and sang, and who probably had the biggest hair of anyone in southern Germany. The band put out several singles and three albums on Red Rosseten Records before that label folded, after that moving to TUG Records where they released one more full length album and one mini CD before splitting up for good in 1998. But Einhorn is a permanent fixture in the Nürnberg punk scene, so it did not take him long before forming his next band, Kalte Krieger, who also are on TUG Records, and who have a song included on our "Knuddelpunk 2" picture LP. Einhorn is also very active in other ways, organizing shows as well as compiling not only our 10" release "Wut Auf Euch", but also our 7" sampler series "Sieger Sehen Anders Aus".


A battle of the "big hair" bands, this is a four song, split EP with Tunnelangst. Here, Atemnot offer two of their politically inspired hardcore blasts as well as a funny bonus track. Limited edition of 500 copies, all on pink vinyl.

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