When considering the band Tunnelangst (which means something like "fear of tunnels"), the first thing that comes to mind are the words "big hair". Tunnelangst play punk in the classic british style of the early 1980s: leather jackets, lots of alcohol, mohawks, and songs against all the wrongs of the world. Oh yeah, their scary looking singer is also the model for our "Knuddelpunk 2" picture LP. Besides their eMpTy single, also check out their full length CD on United Kids Records.


A battle of the "big hair" bands, this is a four song, split EP with Atemnot. Tunnelangst offer two blazing hardcore blasts on this small 7" slab that are one part Discharge, one part political correctness and eight parts alcohol. Limited edition of 500 copies, all on pink vinyl.

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