Sieger Sehen Anders Aus

Big hair, leather jackets, songs against Helmut Kohl, black and white covers, limited edition 7" vinyl records, what could be more punk than all that? “Sieger Sehen Anders Aus” is our series of four 7” vinyl records featuring punk bands from Germany. Each disc is limited to 300 on colored vinyl! Compiled in conjunction with Einhorn of the band Atemnot, these are real DIY records, with hand folded covers, each hand numbered, black and white labels. Recording quality varies, but hey, this is real punk-rock! None of that high gloss, major label compatible soft skate punk here, this is the real underground!


Part four and the last in the series, this one is on blue vinyl, and has yet more pictures of Helmut Kohl.


  1. Ad Nauseam - Amoklauf
  2. Allgemeines Chaos Kommando - Existenz
  3. Tetra Vinyl - City Frußt
  4. Stacheldraht - Schmidt
  5. Amen 81 - Tagediebe
  6. Morgentot - Das Zimmer

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Part one in the series is on green vinyl, complete with pictures of Helmut Kohl and lots of spikey punks, and no, we do not support dog fights.


  1. Atemnot - Entscheidung
  2. Aufschrei - Staatsgewalt
  3. Tunnelangst - Alles Lüge
  4. A.B.K. - Game Over
  5. Falling Down - Violence Is Cool
  6. Allgemeines Chaos Kommando - Politikerverdrossenheit

Yellow vinyl this time, another picture of Helmut Kohl on the back, and even the obligatory "Don't Pay More Than..." sticker on the front!


  1. Tunnelangst - Lachen
  2. Atemnot - Setz Dich Zur Wehr
  3. Popperklopper - Hoffnung
  4. Die Strafe - Zukunft
  5. Popperklopper - Erster Eindruck
  6. B.K.A. - Bulle

Red vinyl this time, this is the only record in the series not sporting a picture of Helmut Kohl somewhere on the cover!


  1. Fuckin' Faces - Ich Geb' Auf
  2. Something To Burn - Secret Kind
  3. Tetra Vinyl - Die Zeit, Die Nie Vergeht
  4. Morgetot - So Bin Ich
  5. Atemnot - Einfach Freiheit
  6. Kapitulation Bonn - Echte Helden