Sanity's Edge was a shortlived punk band out of the Nürnberg Germany area. Fronted by Ski, at that time still in the US Army, who also sang for Doc Wör Mirran and later was the lead singer in Prime Sinister. Today, Ski is known as Ski-King, and has built himself quite a reputation as a live act. Also consisting of Trip on bass, Curt on guitar and Tommy, the only German in the band and also later of Prime Sinister, this band was close to being, like None Of Your Business a few years earlier, an all G.I. band. Sanity's Edge did several shows around southern Germany before splitting up when the inevitable restationing of half the band split the band for good. They never did any vinyl, which is too bad, and although Ski had planned on reviving the band with new members, this unfortunately never happened, so all we have as a testimony to this once great, shortlived band are their two cassette only releases.

The title pretty much says it all as to the purpose of this release. Two song releases like this used to be called "Cassingles". Side one is "Do You Remember" a slowish dirge number, Side two is "Schitzo", a midtempo distortion blast..Recorded live at the Youth Center in Feucht, Germany, with some extra studio touches added at Doc Wör Mirran's Two Car Garage Studios.

Their second release, this sixty minute cassette could be considered their full length album. A studio album with 14 tracks, this came out just as they split up. Features their classic tracks "Murdered By The Dead", "Wienerschnitzel" and a studio version of "Skitzo", plus a cool cover of "Louie Louie".

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