Prime Sinster has its humble beginnings in the Nürnberg Germany music scene of the early 1990s. The original line up made one demo, had a song on the TRASH WILL EAT BIG CULTURE sampler and did numerous gigs,the highlight of which was a show with Blue Cheer. Late in 1991 the band took on a new drummer and singer and things really started to happen, including shooting a video with a German T.V. station and opening slots with L7, Citizen Fish, Assasins of God and The Walkabouts. This is the kind of music for listeners who are into hard music with political lyrics, lots of melody and a touch of chaos. At their prime (pun intended) they included Jeannette Gustavus, founder of the band and only original member of the band when they split up in the last half of the 1990s, who played bass and had the dubious role of band mother. She had previously been a member of the shortlived NBG area band Trudge as well as a member of Doc Wör Mirran. Michael Schultz-Pernice, professional student, father of one and also member of Doc Wör Mirran played scorching lead guitar. Rhythm guitar was handled by Charly, who also played in Swifty Morgan. Ski, who used to be Prime Sinister´s roadie replaced Micha on vocals. Ski is also known as singer and model for Doc Wör Mirran as well as fronting his own band Sanity's Edge. Tommy, the only person who changes his drum-kit as often as other people change their underwear, replaced Christoph (who briefly joined Something To Burn) on drums. Also known as The Butcher, Tommy was formerly in Sanity's Edge and Peel Me A Grape. After their first CD release "Staring At The Sun" on Progress Records Dino replaced both Michael and Charly on guitar for their second album "Junk" on Sticksister Records. Today Jeannette, having retired from playing in bands, lives in Hamburg and runs her labels Stickman and Sticksister Records. Ski makes a living these days as an Elvis impersonator (no kidding!). The other members are still kicking around the NBG music scene in various bands.

Yet another demo cassette with new songs from this combo. Six songs this time on a thirty minute cassette, and a much rawer, harder and aggressive sound. Air Raid Etiquette was also recorded as a much different version on the DWM "Doctors" double LP. Ski's wife Meghy sings back-up vocals on "Skars", a great song that is also the highlight of their current live set, and worth the price of this tape alone. This recording also exists not as an MT release, packaged as promo kit by the band, with different graphics.

This release, the ninth in the series, documents the friendship between Nick Saloman (head honcho of Bevis Frond), and local Nürnberg heroes Prime Sinister. What more needs to be said about Bevis Frond that already has not been said?, like how there are about a dozen or more albums, all of which can be recommended, and that Bevis Frond live shows are a legend. This short song (very uncharacteristic for B. Frond, but hey, its because of the format, dig?), recorded for this single, is a nice rockin melodic tune with distorted vocals. Prime Sinister, offers their trademarked style of intelligent, down and out, cry in my beer rock. Full color (to say the least!) cover, great black and white inner sleeve photo of Nick Saloman and Prime Sinister together (the Prime Sinisters have in the past regularly supported Bevis Frond concerts here in Nürnberg). Black and red splattered vinyl on the first pressing of 500, clear vinyl on the second pressing of 300.

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Released May 1993 in an edition of 500 copies, this is the debut vinyl release by Prime Sinister. On this split single, they team up with pals Something To Burn, where each band does their own version of the same song, which was written by siblings Joe of Something To Burn and Jeannette of Prime Sinister (yet another version appears on the Doc Wör Mirran double LP "Doctors Fighting Wars For Man"). As the Prime Sinister version, a remixed version from the second demo, was recorded first and was so well-produced, Something To Burn opted for the opposite, and delivered a very raw, unproduced version. Both bands also played this song regularly in their live sets.

Second demo for the band, first demo with Ski on vocals and Tommy on drums. 4 songs, recorded at the old Nina Hagen Band studio with a new version of "Stacked In Bags" as well as "Bleed".

This ten minute long "cassette E.P." was the first PS release, and features their original line-up with Christoph on drums and Micha doing vocals. 3 songs, including the great original version of "Stacked In Bags".