As far as we know, None Of Your Business was the only punk band formed entirely of US Armed Forces GIs that ever got a record out. Comprised of Frank on vocals, who previously was briefly the vocalist of Thumper, Dylan on guitar, who seems to have been an ex-member of every Bay Area band that ever existed, Mike on bass and Captain Smitty on drums, also known as Robo due to his love of cough syrup, None Of Your Business were hugely popular in the Nürnberg area punk scene in 1987-88. You see, all four were GIs, which meant that often one or two of them were away on military maneuvers, which made it impossible to book shows for them. On weekends, they would all hang out at the "Komm" in Nürnberg with their German punk friends. Occasionally, all four would end up being there at the same time, and as there were often shows on weekends in the Komm, they would be asked to do a show. Word would spread like crazy, and within an hour other GI punks would be swarming the Komm in anticipation of their heroes. German punks loved them as well, and their shows became legend. Once, playing as opening band before the UK Subs, Frank brought a chain saw onto the stage, swinging the the running chain saw inches above the heads of the stunned crowd until an angry member of the UK Subs forced him from the stage. Frank left the stage peacefully, throwing handfulls of US Army Issue toothbrushes to the cheering public. But as it always happens with GIs, it did not take long before they were re-stationed, and as quickly as they came together and became legends in the Nürnberg area punk scene, they were disbanded by the giant US Military Machine. Regardless, None Of Your Business probably did more for German-American friendship than all those lame and phony "Friendship Fests" combined.
A testament to short lived punk band that was loved by both the American and the German punks in Nürnberg, this six song single features their best loved classics, including "Autonommen Girls", a song about the beautiful leftist radical girls that used to hang out at the Komm in Nürnberg, and "Robo Blues", a song about the long lasting effects of drinking too much cough syrup as a cheap alternative to illegal drugs, practiced by many GIs who feared the dreaded "piss test". Recorded live and in the practice room, this record was not easy to assemble, as the Military Maneuvers that the members of the band constantly found themselves a part of made planned recording dates impossible to keep. This record was the result of going to the Komm on every weekend with a portable cassette player in the hopes of catching them live on tape at least once. Once recorded, various members of the band did a few minor over-dubs to help out the sound quality a bit. Limited edition of 550 copies, cover design my Doc Wör Mirran. Co-released with Florian's "Herbe Scherbe Records", an effort that worked so well that soon after resulted in the formation of Musical Tragedies.
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