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It took forever it seems, but the live album by DWM and Mr. EBU is finally out!

Look for the first even Conrad Schnitzler DVD to be released this year by Marginal Talent.


After "Out Of Reach", Marginal Talent is slated to release another legendary Can album, this one titled simply "Can". Like "Out Of Reach", this album will feature original cover art, will be remastered, and will have liner notes written by Geoff Horgan. Look for it soon, distributed by Indigo.

Conrad Schnitlzer will be the featured artist at the Zero Gallery in Berlin which will run from the 14th until the 21st of May. The show is called "Musik, kein Interpret, Kompositionen für mechanisches Klavier". Opening times are Mo-Fr 12-18, Sa 12­20 Uhr. Galerie zero, Köpenicker Str. 4, 10997 Berlin

The DWM / Mr. Ebu split live LP has been delayed due to the recent insolvency of EFA, who were in the process of pressing the record when they went bust. The record will still come out though, we just are not sure when. Stay tuned.


We have decided to go ahead and release the live DWM recordings from the 26th of January. It will be a vinyl LP, with side one the Mr. Ebu tracks and side two the DWM tracks and will likely be a split release between Marginal Talent and EBU's Music. No title of yet. It will be limited to 200 numbered copies, with some sort of hand made cover. A second release, a CD-R of the collaboration tracks with the ANA Orchester will come out as a seperate release, complete with photos of the show on Mirran Threat. Stay tuned here for further details.


If you are interested in some of the older video work by Conrad Schnitzler, check this out: "wortvirus zeigt videoarbeiten von conrad schnitzler immer donnerstags, 21:00 Uhr vom 17. april bis einschließlich 8. mai 2003 nollendorf- ecke zietenstrasze berlin-schöneberg auftakt am 17. april um 21.00 ausserdem drei dokumentarische Beiträge über conrad schnitzler".


Conrad Schnitzler's "Gold" is finally in production!


More good news for Can fans: the Can album "Out Of Reach" is also now available on vinyl LP format. Pressed on clear vinyl, it features all origininal seven tracks, with a special rice-paper cover with blue and gold print.


Very soon we will have out a promo-only single of Can. It will be a one sided single with the track "Seven Days Awake". Don't bother asking for it though, the limited, numbered edition of 200 copies will be sent out free as promotion to support the album.

The Schnitzler album "Gold" will be coming soon, promise!


A few years ago we put out a saw-blade on Musical Tragedies with the Hafler Trio on one side. Seems like Andrew McKenzie, the founder and leader of the Hafler Trio, is dying of Hepatitis B. A fund has been set up to help take care of his three children. If you feel like helping one of the founders and pioneers of our experimental scene, please send your donations to: McKenzie Fund, box 1211, Ventura CA 93002-1211, USA.

Our Can CD "Out Of Reach" will finally be out soon! The first pressing will be on blue plastic CDs, so if you want this version, pre-order now! We will also be pressing up a limited edition of 200, promotion only, Can 7" record. "Seven Days Awake" will be a one sided single with a fotocopied cover, and given away as promo to help promote the CD.

old news



Mr. EBU / DOC WÖR MIRRAN - Mirror Of Triarchy / Wish You Wörn't Here (MT-532) LP Release Date: February 10th, 2006 ORDER

This is a vinyl only album of the concert that DWM and Mr. Ebu performed together in Nuernberg, Germany on January 26th, 2003. Much more experimental than most material by these artists, this album features a handmade cover and is limited to 211 numbered copies. On Mr. Ebu's cover features broken CDs, while for the other side, DWM's Joseph B. Raimond handpainted 211 unique paintings, one for each cover. Musically, Mr. Ebu performs here as a solo act on side one, with one very long track divided into several subsections that is almost hypnotic. On side two, DWM is a two-piece with original members Joseph B. Raimond and Adrian Gormley, performing live versions of such DWM greats as "Wish You Weren't Here" and "Himeola"..


CAN - Can (MT-537) CD Indigo 49572 Release Date: August 14th, 2004 ORDER

This was Can's 1978 album, and came out after their "Out Of Reach" album (also released and available on Marginal Talent), and was their last regular album before their first split. Like "Out Of Reach", it includes Rosko Gee and Reebop Kwaku Baah, both from Traffic, on bass and percussion respectively, but with the added bonus of Holger Czukay, who returned to the Can fold on this album as editor, also helping out with song writing duties and general tape manipulations. A thick booklet is included, featuring liner notes by Why Not guitarist Geoff Horgan as well as the original cover art from the 1978 vinyl release.

CONRAD SCHNITZLER - Gold (MT-526) CD EFA 12626 Release Date: May 1st, 2003 ORDER

Recorded 1974 through 1978, this was originally planned by Conrad to augment his other albums of the time, albums like "Rot", "Blau", and "Grün", but for various reasons it never came out. We are happy to be able to release this long lost gem, this album that so many have heard about and have been asking to be released for so long. Includes a 16 page, "golden" booklet.

CAN - Seven Days Awake (MT-524) 7" Release Date: August 15th, 2002 OUT OF PRINT

A one sided promo only single with a track from the "Out Of Reach" album. Limited, numbered edition of 196 copies, with a fotocopied cover, and given away to promote the album.

CAN - Out Of Reach (MT-518) CD/LP EFA 12618 Release Date: July 5th, 2002 ORDER

Their 1978 album, and the only of their albums not re-released on Can's own Spoon Records, making it previously one of the most mysterious and hard to get of all Can albums. Features all seven of the original tracks, remastered, complete with original artwork, as well as extensive liner notes by Geoff Horgan. First pressing of the CD comes pressed onto blue plastic.

TESENDALO/DOC WÖR MIRRAN/ANA Orchester - Sewing Me, Sewing You (MT-500) 10" Release Date December 20th, 1999 ORDER

It has become a label tradition to commemorate our anniversaries with a DWM release. In this case, to celebrate not only our 500th MT release (!), but also our fifteen year anniversary of the founding of MT, we offer this live 10" recording of DWM, Tesendalo and the ANA Orchester. Recorded June 23rd, 1998, in Munich, Germany, it was the first ever live concert by DWM, as opening act for Sonic Youth and Sean Lennon. Two tracks, one on each side in perfect sound quality, packaged as a 10" vinyl record that is half white, half blue, and a full color cover with extensive liner notes round out this extraordinary release.

JAD FAIR & JASON WILLETT - The Mighty Super Heroes (MT-426) CD EFA 06981. Release Date October 30th, 1998. ORDER

This release is the first in what we plan on being a series of Jad Fair/Half Japanese releases. This full length CD is another of his many collaborations with Jason Willett, and like the other releases, this one is chock full of strange little songs, seventeen in all. Standout tracks include “Reptile”, “You Got The Power” and “Kryptonite”. Jad’s stunning full color artwork on the cover and label round out another important work in the long and important career of this outstanding artist.

HARALD "SACK" ZIEGLER & DOC WÖR MIRRAN - See Dee (MT-346) 5". Release Date September 20th, 1998. ORDER

Considering the long and ongoing friendship of these two artists, it was only natural that a collaborative effort would be the result of this relationship. Two tracks, each barely a minute in length, pressed onto two sides of a mini, 5" colored vinyl record, packed into a CD-single cover (hence the title, for all you a little too slow today to understand the pun). Weird and wonderful.