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The sad news has just reached us that Michael Karoli, the guitarist for Can, died on November 17th.


Marginal Talent will be releasing a real treasure at the beginning of next year, namely a previously unreleased Conrad Schnitzler album titled "Gold". Recorded in the early seventies, a time that saw the recording and release of several classic Schnitzler albums like "Blau", "Rot" and "Gelb", this recording was always planned for release, but somehow never quite saw the light of day.

We would like to express our grief at hearing of the death of our friend Norbert Schilling. Norbert released several Conrad Schnitzler albums on his label Plate Lunch, including "Rot", the sister album to our "Blau". His family and friends are planning on continuing Plate Lunch, including releasing the large CD box set containing remixes of Conrad Schnitzler tracks by many of today's leading names in the DJ and industrial scene, a mammoth project that Norbert had been working on for years.

Well, the Can / Harald "Sack" Ziegler saw-blade is out (check out our Musical Tragedies page) and looks fantastic! The Can album "Out Of Reach" will be out soon on Marginal Talent with original front cover artwork, plus a thick booklet with liner notes.


It is amazing how fast rumours can spread! To put all the speculation to rest, yes, Marginal Talent will be re-releasing the Can album "Out Of Reach", the only Can album not released on CD format on their own Spoon Records label. It should be out in July sometime, so stay tuned. For those who would like a taster, a saw-blade 7" with one track from the CD will be out on Marginal Talent's sister label Musical Tragedies, with none other than fellow Köln artist Harald "Sack" Ziegler on the flip!


Finally a few new releases planned for Marginal Talent! Look for a re-release of the classic Conrad Schnitzler album "Blau" early next year. Originally released in 1971 in an edition of a few hundred copies on 12" vinyl, this classic "kraut-rock" album has been unavailable for almost thirty years! Our CD version will also include a previously unreleased bonus track from the same period!

Also planned for early next year will be a 7" picture disc of a collaboration between Doc Wör Mirran and Conrad Schnitzler, titled "Azul".

Even older news:

Marginal Talent has decided to cancel its plans to release the formerly announced "Muh" album by Tesendalo. In fact, due to personal reasons, MT will no longer release Tesendalo recordings, with the exception of the live 10" collaboration with DWM and the ANA Orchester listed below.

Marginal Talent, a label devoted to the experimental and industrial, has begun work on the the second of its planned line of label samplers. What set the first, "The Art Of Marginal Talent" (MT-326) apart from most samplers was its amazing format and packaging. A 5" vinyl record as sides one and two, a CD as side three. A beautiful full color, cardboard cover rounded out the release. The second sampler, titled "The Anarchy Of Marginal Talent" (MT-473) will feature experimental music of the harder sort. It will be a limited edition of 500, packaged in a metal can that has been hand-painted. Demo tapes for consideration for inclusion on this project are presently welcomed.