Behind Zwakkelmann we find none other than Schlaffke Wolff, brain, boss and singer of none other than Schliessmuskel, one of Germany's best loved fun punk bands. This is his new project while Schliessmuskel seems to be in a permanent state of unplanned inactivity, and, similarly to Schliessmuskel, features his infectious melodic power pop blasts that just keep you hummin' for days. No bombastic, bearded or fusion rock for Zwakkelmann, but rather pop in the vein of his masters, namely the Kinks, Beach Boys or early Beatles, which means a lot of melody, a few distorted guitars for good measure and in keeping in line with the punk ethic, and, most important, a lot of fun.


A 21 song, full length studio album, this one picks up where Schlaffke left off on the last Schliessmuskel album, namely a full length album packed full with fun melodic punk and pop blasts, featuring such instant classics as "Tourette-Syndrom". "Tomatenrotes Haar" and "Keiner Zog Den Colt So Schnell Wie Ich", to name only a few.

Right on the heels of his first album "Sprintztour", Zwakkelmann unleashes his second album of pop punk, beach boys influenced blasts. A whopping 19 studio tracks make up this album, with such highlights as "Mein Nachbar Haengt Schon Wieder An Der Flasche", "Ein Einsamer Eunuche" and the great "Beach Boys Traum". Hell, we wouldn't be surprised at all if we found out that Brian Wilson himself guested on this album!

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