Roughly translated, the German word "Schließmuskel" means something like "butthole muscle". Obviously, only a punk band could have a name like that! Schließmuskel hail from Hamminkeln (where the hell is that?!?) in Germany, and have been around since the mid 1980's. Headed by the brothers Ede and Schlaffke "Zwakkelmann" Wolff, they have been jamming for 18 years now with the same line-up (!), and have earned themselves quite a following among German speaking punks, playing out regularly live as well as having released almost a dozen records (one of them they released under the name "Die Muskeln"). They are one of the originators of what many people now refer to as "fun-punk", mixing punk, hardcore, pop and German "Schlager". But don't let that mislead you, they are still one hell of a powerful live band, having played live with the likes of The Adicts, Abstürtzende Brieftauben and Germany's most famous punks, Die Toten Hosen. Besides Ede on guitar and background vocals and Schlaffke as lead singer, they also feature Techt Tetmeyer on drums and Böckler Hachenberg on bass and background vocals.


After a dozen or so releases on various labels, the most notable being our buddies over at We Bite Records, Schließmuskel are back with a new studio album. Thirteen tracks in the patented Schließmuskel sound, with such standouts as "Ede's Nachbarin", "Der Verlorene Beatle-song" and their cover of the Monkee's classic "I'm A Believer". Front cover by Johannes Grützke. A limited version was made, a numbered edition of 100 packed in an adult diaper!

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